A long time ago now, three wise and sassy ladies made an almighty pilgrimage towards the bustling metropolis of London following the smell of bacon, cheese and brioche.  They swapped camels for the tube, sumptuous cloaks for jeans and battled heavy crowds to pay homage to a newly released burger.  Crowded around a table they stared at what was promised to be the saviour to their hunger.  After taking photos which were later destined to be Insta-hits, they lifted up the precious bundle and cooed in awe before taking a massive bite.

Ohhhh yes, me and my fellow burger fiends celebrated Cheesemas this year in the spirit of all things meaty.  If you’re not familiar with this new term, Byron Burger release a particularly cheesy burger every year with this years offering being the Holy Cheesemas with four different kinds of cheese – mature Cheddar, American, Monterey Jack and Red Leicester – as well as bacon, red onion, pickles and Cheesemas sauce.  Did I mention the two patties?  

 P1020209 P1020208Behold!

Now, I’m not going to lie to you, the Holy Cheesemas is not the best burger I have ever had the pleasure to eat, but it is pretty darn good.  The meat is cooked to a pink medium rare (unless you ask otherwise) and the bun maintains its integrity under the weight of the filling which is always good, but the patties could do with a more something, something, you know what I mean?  Well, I’m assuming you do anyway.

Aside from our burgers, we went all out and ordered chips, courgette fries and mac n’ cheese as well as two blue cheese dips to finish the cheese board of dairy goodness available.  I’m a big fan of courgette fries because I like to pretend to myself that they’re healthier than normal chips – they probably aren’t – and the Byron ones are pretty great as they aren’t too heavily battered.

P1020211 P1020212

We left Bryon with stomachs and hearts full, ready to spread the word of the burger gospel.

Rejoice!  Christmas may be gone, but Cheesemas is still here.

Back in September – YES, SEPTEMBER, I am that disorganised – my brother and his girlfriend hopped across the pond to London.  While I like to pretend they came purely to see me, it was more of a family affair with the whole Ayre clan meeting in the capital to indulge.  When Rob asked where did a good brunch in London, my answer could be no other than the mighty Duck & Waffle.

While I reverted to being a creature of habit and ordered the restaurant’s eponymous hero of a dish, my company shared some mini plates including the roasted octopus with chorizo, some breaded prawns, a mozzarella special (not pictured) and some incredible breads.  While I like to kid myself that one day I’ll give up bread and take part in some crazy vegan, gluten-free, 5:2 diet, its because of breads like this that I never will.  We ordered two little puffs of doughy heaven; the artichoke and parmesan and gruyere and n’duja.

Bread is such a social food to me; conversation bubbles while you tear off a piece, lather on the butter and dip it in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  If a bread basket was presented to me now, I’d bury my face in it and emerge covered in crumbs.  An attractive thought (call me boys, you know you want to).  

Anyway, since my trip to Duck & Waffle TWO MONTHS AGO, I have completed a months work experience at InStyle magazine which got off to a slow start but ended up being lots of fun!  Aside from writing and getting stuck into the daily happenings of a magazine office, I attended press events and even got to see Ed Sheeran in a private box with New Look. You’re allowed to be jealous.

Right now, I’m interning at SUITCASE Magazine, a small independent travel and fashion Bible which comes out quarterly.  The whole team at SUITCASE are amazing and the editor, Serena is definitely a force to be reckoned with.  Don’t just take my word for it, she won a Woman of the Year award recently which definitely trumps my Blue Peter badge!  If you haven’t heard of SUITCASE Magazine before, then head to their website http://www.suitcasemag.com or pick up a copy to inject some serious wanderlust into your life.  At the end of this month, I’m off to sit on the features desk of ELLE Magazine which I cannot wait for!




Dem tiles







P1020159 P1020160

Is there anything better than diving into a plate of food, hands first and coming out with ketchup smeered on your cheek?    While I love going to restaurants where you’re presented with a plethora of cutlery and plates of food which could win the Turner prize, getting back to basics just feels so right.  For me, the messier the meal, the more I enjoy it so when I realised that there was a Dirty Burger shack in Vauxhall which is only a couple of stops away from my flat, I just had to go.  

P1020174After a day at work, the hunger was real, so we all decided to go for the special burg which not only had a pattie, but also had pulled pork, cheese, pickles and BBQ sauce slathered on it.  Are you dribbling yet…?  Because I am. 

Now, Dirty Burgers live up to their name and come hot, sweaty and juicy which doesn’t make for the most attractive of photos but believe me, this was special.  We all made noises which are usually relegated to the bedroom when unwrapping our meaty packages.


Crinkle chips and onion fries accompanied our feast


Look guys, I never said it was going to be pretty

So dirty it’s almost criminal, these burgers are undeniably great and the added bonus of pulled pork was a bit of a game changer in my eyes.  Their crinkle chips are crispy and airy, just how I like a thick chip while Rachel couldn’t stop raving about the onion fries which came with a heavy golden brown batter.  Dirty Burger have four locations over London (and 1 in America) so you’re never too far from getting your hands dirty.  Check out their website here and while you’re aimlessly surfing the tinternet in search of #burgerporn, how about checking about the website for Suitcase magazine which I’m interning at until the end of December here!

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So I have finally finished my Masters!  Hoorahhh!  After handing in my dissertation, packing, unpacking and packing once again, I headed to the Big Smoke to move into my new flat!  If all that wasn’t exciting enough, I also had a weekend away in Paris planned with Rachel and Emily. While we managed to hit all the tourist spots our main reason for the flying visit was to bear witness to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s last On The Run concert in Paris.  Mere words cannot explain how simply amazing it was.  They managed to fly through over 40 of their collaborative and solo hits all of which had the audience in varying states of awe, worshipping at the altar of the Carters.


Midnight strolls around the Louvre

After spending a night unleashing my inner Sasha Fierce, there was only one thing on our minds the next day.  Burgers.  If you’re a regular to my blog, you may know that at one point myself, Emily and Rachel were on a 007-esque mission to scope out London’s best burger and while that challenge was sadly put on hiatus while I finished my dissertation, post-diss we decided to take the search international. After aimlessly wandering around Paree for a few hours, trying to find somewhere that a) was open on a Sunday and b) served burgers, we found some free WiFi and decided to head to Razowski’s which made big claims about their burger fare.  While Razowski’s doesn’t just serve burgers, I honestly couldn’t tell you what else they had on their menu.  It was like my eyes zoomed right in on the burger section and discarded all other information that was deemed unnecessary, so naturally I ordered the bacon cheeseburger.

Now, not all burgers are created equal.  Some are destined to make great, great Instagram photos, like this beast of a burger below…


Are you salivating yet?

One bite revealed a medium rare pattie which was so gloriously juicy it oozed, mixing with the molten cheese.  God, it was fantastic.  I’d go back to Paris right now just to have that burger if I could…but alas, I’m sat in my bed in London willing myself to get up and get ready for a night out.

Can I swap Barcardi and cokes for burgers please?

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So, as many of you may know, I’ve spent my summer writing an MA dissertation about Tinder. Yes, Tinder.  I definitely had not planned to spend a summer after having broken up with a boyfriend (sorry, I promise this won’t turn into some sort of DMC) thinking and writing about other peoples love lives but in retrospect its actually been quite therapeutic and has given me an interesting insight into how other people my age go about finding love or just a bit of fun.  These days, we’re all so glued to our phones (I sleep with mine IN my bed) that it almost seems like a natural progression to start finding our next love/bed warmer/flirtexter (I’ve just coined that phrase, I’m well aware it won’t take on) inbetween obsessively checking Twitter, Instagram and chatting aimlessly to Siri.

Having spent hours in the library pouring over my research, I thought I’d share some of my wisdom with the masses (or just the few people that occasionally read this blog including my dad, just a heads up, this probably isn’t one to send onto grandma), so here we go:

– The first thing that emerged throughout my research was the variety of intentions with which people are using the app.  From looking for a long-term partner to purely using it to take the piss out of others at pre-drinks, there really are as many different intentions as there are users.  While it is hard to gauge intentions from someones profile, I’d say as a hard and fast rule, if a guys profile is just a picture of his goolies, hes probably not looking to settle down just yet.  But, you know, thats just my opinion.  My advice?  Don’t invest yourself fully in the idea that you’ll find your future husband/wife on Tinder, instead use it for casual dating or for a bit of an ego boost.

– Tinder is co-situational in nature so if you’re looking for a night out with a bit of footsie, most people don’t want to travel more than 30KM so make that your maximum distance setting.  If you are willing to travel the full 160KM to find someone, well...I think you should start reevaluating your priorities.  

Looks ARE everything (well on Tinder at least).  This app is a glorified Hot or Not game, so be warned, you’re going to be judged almost solely on your looks.  If you’re not comfortable with that, then just take the high road and bypass this fad.  Just remember ladies, we all thought Christian Bale in American Psycho was fit until it turned out he was a murderous arsehole.

– On that note, we all know that the secret to a good profile is to show off our good side and choose pictures which make us look like we’re desirable little mother fuckers.  BUT as tempting as it is to upload that picture of you from three years ago where you had a really fucking great tan and were skinny as hell because you’d just been to Zante for two weeks and had a dodgy tummy for the whole time you were there, those pictures might be a little misleading.  Try limit yourself to pictures which were taken in the last year (or even better, 6 months) and which are representative of yourself now.  If you’re not quite sure what you look like now or you have a sneaking suspicion that the mirror is lying to you, then ask a friend to have a check over your pictures because the punishment for misleading photos is for all contact to be severed and then you’ll have to make up a story as to why you and that fit guy from Tinder never went on a second date.

– Everyone loves a group photo.  Its the start of the night and you’ve all just had your first glass of wine, your makeup isn’t smeared, your eyes aren’t glassy yet and you all want to show off how many friends you have and how great they are!  YAY GIRLS NIGHT!  While you should probably include one group photo on your profile, don’t put it as your first photo as most people frankly can’t be arsed working out which one you are.

Pouty duckface.  We all know what I’m talking about.  Yes it brings out those barely there cheek bones, but its also really weird when you think about it.  What situation was she in for that expression to happen?  Is she happy/sad/constipated?  Is she okay?  Those are the questions a prospective match is going to be asking when he stumbles on your profile with all six of your photos looking like you’re mid-charades pose.  If you’re a serial duckface puller you may need to reconsider a lot more than just your profile pictures.  

– I’ve not updated my Facebook interests since I was about 14 and as a consequence, I am apparently a fan of such things as ‘dressing up as a seagull and walking around stealing peoples chips’ (something I have never done), ‘ditching your mates to hang out with your goat’ (don’t own a goat, but this is probably something I would do) and ‘going out and getting absolutely Charlie Sheened’ (I just sound like an absolute twat).  So although Tinder has an ‘interests’ section downloaded from Facebook, you probably don’t want to get too excited if you and this random man share ‘being a mac daddy pimp’ (another one of my ‘likes’) in common.  While they may not be too useful in actually gauging what kind of person this match is, they are a good first liner so at least theres that.  

– To bio or not to bio, that is the question.  While most online dating sites like Match.com get you to go through the whole convoluted process of writing out a bio where you’re forced to make yourself sound like you’re really bloody nice, when in reality you’ve got a perennial case of bitchy resting face as bad as Aubrey Plaza’s, Tinder lets you decide whether you want to warble on about yourself or not.  Keep it short and sweet and try to steer clear of cliches as no one actually wants a man who likes ‘long walks on the beach’ because they all sound like massive wetties.

– Also on the subject of bios, if you’re upwards of 15 years old and still typing in text speak, well just good luck with that.  

– A picture really can speak a thousand words on Tinder.  If you’re making claims in your bio that you love to try new things, you party as hard as Prince Harry in Vegas or that you found yourself while travelling to the inner most depths of the Amazonian jungle, then why don’t you prove it with a few pictures.  Bonus points if you are actually Prince Harry.

– So you’ve matched with someone, you’ve chatted a bit and you’re starting to think that you would quite like to meet this person face-to-face, but beforehand you’re going to do what any 90s kid would do in this situation and Internet stalk them.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great places to gather information about someone and to check they really are who they say they are and most Tinderers admitted to having a snoop at others from the app, so you’re in good company.  Just be aware that if you’re having a snoop, others will be looking at you too, so if you’re not too enthused by that idea, make things private.  If you don’t give a flying fuck who sees that you Instagrammed a picture of you gorging on Dominos yesterday with one of your fake eyelashes falling off or tweeted an inspirational quote which may or may not have made you cry, then why not help your prospective stalkers along and put your social media handles in your bio.

Tinder pic

Just an example of the type of moronic pictures which I put on Instagram.  I barely spent any time in this pool because I WAS WRITING THIS DISSERTATION.  

– And lastly, ladies, a word of warning.  Do not treat the above behaviour as an issue of ensuring your ‘personal safety’.  Now, I don’t know about you but if I was a serial murderer, I probably wouldn’t have the twitter handle @ImGoingToSkinYouAlive or Instagram images of dark parks with the hashtag #MyKillingSpot so please please please do not think you can judge whether a person is capable of such things over social media.  We’re all presenting a front on here, whether we like to admit it or not.  I for one don’t post pictures of myself in the library on Instagram, even though this would be far more representative of my life than the 1% of the time that I spend on beaches but just happen to photograph.  Make sure you meet your date in a public place with plenty of people around, that you tell multiple people where you are going and with who and that you have your phone on you with full battery.  Also if you can, ask a friend to be on hand to pick you up and drop you off, firstly because then they at least know you got home safe, but secondly, because then you can tell them all the weird stuff your date inevitably did.  Lads, take this all into account as well, us ladies can be weird, wonderful and slightly psychotic at times.  

If you’re using Tinder, chances are you’re probably not looking for the next big love of your life, but just a bit of fun and a few nights out, so you may scoff at my advice, but you never know so keep your options open.  As for me, I think I’ll stick to the good old fashioned way and just wait for some poor unsuspecting fool to lower their standards and start feeling lonely and vulnerable and then swoop in.  60% of the time, it works everytime.  

Let me know if you agree/disagree/have anything else to add or just generally want to swap some stories.  

(P.S. I also want to add that I’m extremely grateful to all of you who took part in the research process!  I had an overwhelming response to the survey portion of my project and interviewed some great people who were more than willing to share their experiences on the app honestly and openly, which just made the whole process so much easier than what it could have been.  I’d defo swipe right for you all x) 

After a short but sweet trip to London a couple of weeks ago, I jumped on a flight to Tampa, Florida for a little R&R with the parents.  My family and I have been to Florida quite a few times over the years, as well as the frequent trips to Disney World – I last went when I was 19 and I’m itching to go again – we’ve travelled South many times to scope out beaches, eat our weight in seafood and keep watch for the elusive dolphins that dip and dive below the waves.

While we hadn’t been to Naples since I was 4, our last trip was very memorable to me as it ended up with the family floating in a car in the aftermath of a tropical storm, an incident which I only have fond memories of weirdly enough.  As my dad is a creature of habit, we returned to the same hotel on the shoreline of Naples beach and spent 10 days relaxing in the scorching hot sun, only to be moved off our sun beds by the occasional thunder storm.

While this was definitely a relaxing holiday, I still had my dissertation to focus on so spent late afternoons and evenings concentrating on my work in my room while wrapped in a hotel dressing gown munching on pillow chocolates.  The Suite Life.  

I didn’t really take too many photos as my camera managed to conk out half way through the holiday and also, it would have just been a whole camera stream of hot dog/legs by the pool and who really needs those anyway?!  So I thought I’d just put this one of the beautiful sunset on here and you can check out a few more on my Instagram.



As well as sunbathing, I ate oysters by the bucketload, had a hot stone massage, got soaked a couple of times by the torrential downpours that anyone who has visited the State will be familiar with, peered over fences into some of Naples most outrageously huge homes, got some amazing bargains at Nordstroms, watched some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen and even bumped into an old friend from travelling!

One of the best things about the holiday was undoubtedly the location of the hotel.  Perched on Naples beach which goes on for as long as the eye can see, its the perfect place for a bit of dolphin spotting.  I took to getting my feet wet and swimming in the warm water out to a little sandbank everyday where I quite regularly saw the tell tale fins of a few Flippers as they effortlessly swam past.  As fun as it is to go to Seaworld, (well until you’ve watched Blackfish anyway) its always more enchanting to see animals in the wild where their appearance isn’t guaranteed.  Here our finned friends have a large expanse to wander over rather than just a minute pool  which they’re confined to day in and day out.  While I managed to spot quite a few dolphins, my dad wasn’t so lucky and even though he tried, he kept missing them, which I think is just another excuse to go back to our little slice of heaven in Florida, perhaps with a little visit to our old friends Mickey and Minnie next time as well…

I think this holiday has been one of the best and while I now have returned to the real world, atleast I’m be sporting a tan!

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Until recently I had barely ever travelled south of the river in London.  Soho was just about as adventorous as it got when I visited the capital, but now with friends planting their feet and considerable wardrobes all over the city, I’ve got more of an excuse to venture to new ground.  My first stop on this new journey was the last on the Victoria line: Brixton.

Brixton is a bit of a mish mash of everything.  Semi-recently adopted by young professionals and hipsters, the area has gone through an Instagram worthy regeneration.  The best part of this make over is without a doubt the famous Brixton Village where you can feast on food that has Londoners making the pilgrimage over the river.

While I was only staying for one night in the capitol, I managed to make two trips to the Village for dinner and brunch, so here it goes…

After finding out some very exciting news there was cause to celebrate, so Natasha, Cris, Jess and I headed over to the market where we settled to eating some Asian fare at Happy Dumpling.  Confused and a little bit tired, we all ended up over-ordering, a blessing in disguise which just meant loosening our belts and diving in to plates overflowing with noodles, deep fried prawns, spinach in a garlic sauce and prawn toast.

My two favourites?  The prawn lucky bags which I ordered packed a punch in the spice department while the spinach in garlic sauce would give anyone a Popeye moment.

P1010752 P1010750 P1010755

After heading back to their flat and falling asleep watching re-runs of the Rachel Zoe Project in bed with Jess, we awoke the next morning, craving eggs.  

We headed to Wild Caper, a deli I’d read about on The Londoner’s blog and one which boasted about its short but sweet brunch menu next to the free bread and oil samples (I ate three #sorrynotsorry).




While the eggs were perhaps left to poach for a smidgen too long, these eggs was egg-actly what we needed.  PUNNY.

If I learnt anything in New York, it was that brunch cannot be done properly without a Bloody Mary by ones side!  As a relative newbie to the Bloody Mary game, I can’t comment too much so I’ll just let you guys tell me whether WIld Caper do it right!


Rob and Margaret, this one is for you!

With bellies full, we wandered around the market picking up presents for our newly engaged friends, Sarah and Nick (!!!!) and window shopping where I saw these rather strapping lads larking around…


I do love a Panda in a monk strap…

After tearing ourselves away from our prospective (panda) princes, we headed into a shop where the most remarkable thing happened.  You see, I have an incredible knack for scaring kids.  I don’t know why, but they just don’t seem to like me.  I’ll wave, smile and make funny faces in an endeavour to make friends, but my eager attempts are usually met with disdain and sometimes even hysterical tears.  So when a little girl started chatting away excitedly to both Jess and I in one of the shops, we ended up staying for a half hour and playing make believe…it all got a little weird, so I’ll just leave you with this image of Jess and I engaging in a cowboy inspired photoshoot…

Wheres your favourite place to go in Brixton Village?


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So by now, we all know I went to New York last month – god when will I stop talking about it – and while wandering around the city, I noticed an abundance of street art.  I’d never really been intrigued to go round and find street art in other cities before, but I just got a little bit obsessed with tracking down the art which I’d seen on my Instagram feed.

Heres just a little photo diary of what I found and where abouts (if I can remember…):

P1010215 P1010220 P1010234 P1010254 The above works of art can be seen from the High Line (they’ve already featured on my post on the High Line which you can seeeee here!)  Next up, I spotted these two master pieces after chowing down at Katz Deli while I can’t find the origins of the first one, the second one which is rather Banksy-esque is actually by Bristolian street artist, Nick Walker.  Its a bit crap that its been painted over by others, but if you want to see the piece in all its glory, check here.

P1010316 P1010318

Close by – relatively so anyway -on Houston Street is a wall which has come to embody the street art movement.  First a site for illegal graffiti artists to flex their artistic muscles, the space is now curated by Jeffrey Deitch.  The wall draws style bloggers, photographers and models like moths to a flame and we saw 3 separate shoots happening all within feet of each other, using the mural as a backdrop.  The artist featured while I was in the Big Apple was COPE2 who is known for his bubble tags – a homage to the old graffiti which you inevitably pass on just about every train in England.

P1010634 P1010635

If you’re really looking to have a gander at some al fresco art, then Brooklyn is the place you want to be.  The area just attracts the creative types so every wall has been recommissioned for art with a message, art with no message and art with a undiscernable message which just looks quite nice.  

P1010546 P1010547 P1010549 P1010550 P1010551

If you’ve been perusing Instagram as much as me, then you’ll know that Bradley Theodore is the BNOC right now in New York street art terms.  Brad’s – I’d like to think we’re on first name terms – best known piece is perhaps the massive portrait of a loved up Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour, which I could not for the life of me find, I was a tiny bit gutted.  BUT, we did stumble upon these beauties:


Controversial photographer and possible sex pest, Terry Richardson has been re-imagined as a piece of one dimensional art – perhaps a less harmless version of the real life man.


Celebrated editor and journalist, Diane Vreeland


The amazing Grace Coddington – owner of fashions most incredible barnet, lover of cats, an enigma and a creative.  Probably my favourite person.  If you’ve never heard of her then read her beautiful book and watch The September Issue where she spectacularly outshines Wintour.

 Let me know if you have any favourites!

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Guernsey looks so pretty when its sunny.  

I know everywhere looks much better when you’ve had a natural shot of Vitamin D and I may be bias, but Guernsey just seems to look better than the rest (Jersey, I’m looking at you).  The flowers bloom, the sea turns a Mediterranean shade of blue and the birds all sing a little bit louder.  It just becomes a little bit of heaven in the English Channel.

While I’m predominantly back home under the pretence of working on my dissertations literature review, I can’t help but want to explore when the sky is blue and there isn’t a cloud in sight.  With two dogs in tow, my mum and I headed to Jerbourg for a cliff walk.  With a view over both Herm and Sark on a clear day, the cliffs on the south east side of the island are spectacular and we weren’t surprised to see other islanders and tourists sunning themselves while enjoying an ice cream at the car park kiosk where we started our walk.

P1010672 P1010675 P1010681 P1010683 P1010684

None of these photos are edited, Guernsey is just really this great (I may be bias)

P1010689 P1010690

As we meandered around the coast line it struck me how lucky I am to have a place so beautiful to call home.  I think most people who have grown up on Guernsey have at one time or another, cursed the day they were born on the tiny island.  A small island community can be suffocating at times and you only have to glance at Guernsey eBay to see this frustration in action – simultaneously hilarious and slightly worrying, besides all the moaning, I once saw someone trying to sell an old toilet brush!?  But, after heading off to University and living in my fair share of student dives with little more than a view over the bins for the last 4 years, I find that I’ve developed a heightened appreciation for all things Guernsey.

One of those little bits of my little island paradise which I can’t help but love is Moulin Huet, a bay which is often forgotten even by those who live on the island.  While the beach is great and is rarely jam packed, the best thing about it is the tearoom which you’ll pass on your way down to the blue seas.

P1010709 P1010705



Run by the lovely, Susanna, Moulin Huet tearooms is a cake lovers heaven with homemade treats made by Susanna and her mum every day.  After our walk, I managed to exercise some great restraint and ordered a Guernsey crab sandwich with a chilli and ginger jam and coriander while my mum jumped right in with the fruit scone complete with jam and cream.



I wouldn’t usually go for crab but this was so tasty I ordered it again the next time I went a few days later.  I’d love to recreate the chilli and ginger jam at home so I can enjoy this more while at Uni!  After finishing up my sandwich I soon became rather jealous of my mums scone and after having a nibble, my resolve broke and I ordered one for myself.

Moulin Huet tearooms is just about as idyllic as they come and these scones are the best I have ever tasted (I’m craving one as I write this) so if you’re on island – or not – make the trip down now for a little taste of heaven while the sun is still shining!  You will not regret it.  

Heres a little extra treat for all you people sat at your desks working, writing, procrastinating whatever you’re doing, just enjoy this:


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Summer is finally here!  

I feel like Summer in the UK is one of those friends that always presses confirm on a party invite on Facebook but rarely – if ever – turns up, but those few times that they show their tanned and freckled face, you can guarantee that they’ll be the life and soul.  

While the weather was hotting up I decided to make an extended trip back home to soak up some rays, catch up with friends and check in with the parentals.  Although I spent most of my time researching and writing for my dissertation I also managed to discover the best scones on the island while I was home (more on that exciting development later…).

On my last night on Guern, my dad had disappeared off to London for work so my mum and I headed out for a Thai at Sawatdi in town.  While I rarely, if ever go clothes shopping in Guernsey, the outfit I wore out to dinner was all bought (or stolen) while I was home this time around!  A St. Peter Port triumph!


Denim jacket – Vintage Levi via Dad / Top – Miss Selfridge / Shoes – Arizona Birkenstocks / Trousers – Six Ames from Collection 21 / Sunglasses – Ray Ban

I live in my pyjamas.  I can quite happily spend a day- or days – wandering about the house in them so these trousers are a good compromise between comfort and style with a luxe silky finish.  I’ve already mentally packed them for when I head off to sun myself in Florida in a couple of weeks time for breezy evening meals by the sea.

I have been searching high and low for the perfect denim jacket for months!  I have ordered and returned so many different styles, washes and brands, even ordering an Acne tram thinking I’d finally found the one, to only be left feeling sorely disappointed when I discovered that my usual size was absolutely huge – never happens to me –and it had to be sent back!

After deciding to give up on the seemingly impossible task, my mum happened to mention that my dad had an old Levi’s jacket hanging in his wardrobe from his younger days and while I was skeptical at first, it turned out to be the perfect fit.  As a testament to the quality of Levi denim, at 43 years old, this jacket is still going strong and has retained its colour, impressive.  This one is being smuggled back to Newcastle in my suitcase.  Thanks dad!  

While I’d resisted the pull of some Arizona Birkenstocks for longer than usual, I proved to be a slave to a trend once more and picked these up on my last day.  They’re pretty practical as shoes go so they got the parental tick of approval.  For a while I’ve written off Guernsey as a no go when it comes to the shopping because of the lack of choice and some of the buyers seem to just go a bit crazy with the stock but I’m definitely going to be keeping my eyes peeled on trips to town from now on after this bumper buy!

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