Summer Past

Summer work for a student.  Theres nothing more depressing yet more needed.  The chance to get money which is your own, not to pay back or be forever indebted to your parents for is a massive pro, yet the loss of the coveted summer is perhaps a bigger con.

We all strive for the summer.  ‘It’ll be sunny in the summer, I’ll tan in the summer, I’ll finally do this this summer, I’ll see him and her, this summer, yeah this summer’.

Yet, when you get to this summer you realise you’ve maxed out all your money and have borrowed off everyone its possible to ever borrow off.  Maybe you went travelling at the beginning of summer, like I did last year, assuming you’d come back with money, money to burn.  Somewhere between Vietnam and Bangkok that money burnt itself out of your pocket and you came back empty handed.  At first you think to yourself, its alright, this summer will be cheap, I’ll just chill at the beach/park.  But then you become greedy, the clubs call, the tequila screams at you to drink it, one night out and you’ve spent all you had to spend for the next 6 weeks.  The sudden depressing realisation that you may have to work hits you.  Summer now is split between shifts at a cafe, 9-5s at your dads friends office, saturday nights are limited by babysitting for your mothers affluent and sociable friend.  Your summer wardrobe is quickly replaced by a wardrobe of black, shorts are replaced by suit trousers, tanning time is now time spent next to a fax machine.  Summer slowly fades away.  But theres always next summer, next summer I’ll be free.

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