Friday Night Blues

Instead of being out at one of the many classy establishments in Reading town, I have decided to forego the normal student night and spend some time on my own in my room catching up on all the quality TV I’ve missed out on this week. After watching a few episodes of Friday Night Dinner and youtubing cat videos I decided to watch Channel 4’s The Audience.

The concept of the program is so simple its a wonder its never really been done before, 50 people essentially become a jury and after a week of following you around and listening to your loved ones opinions, deliver a verdict.

For example, this weeks episode featured Anthony, who needed help deciding if he should up sticks and go travelling, like many of the audience, I was thinking this was surely a simple YES, GO, BOOK THE PLANE, sort of thing, however, because of the death of his parents at a young age and his close bond with his brothers it was a little more complex than that.

I have literally been having a cry from the second that it started.  I got particularly emotional when they got out wedding photos of his parents, and ended up texting my mum a very weepy emotional ‘I love you’.  Cringe.  However, as always, there were some adverts inbetween this emotional rollercoaster, and on the DFS advert there was a song which I knew I needed to hear more, after a quick google I found out it was Paolo Nutini’s ‘Growing Up Beside You’. After a few listens of this I feel ready to face the world again.

Cue making of a Paolo Nutini playlist and belting out Rewind.  Sorry housemates.


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