The Best Thing in London

The Best Thing in London

Going to London always feels somewhat special, even if it is just a whistlestop tour. I recently took my boyfriend into London for a day out before we went to a Michael McIntyre show at the O2 later on in the evening. As he’s never been before I decided we should visit all the typical tourist haunts, including the iconic Harrods.

Walking around Knightsbridge itself is a visual assault of wealth. One Hyde Park towers over you as you exit the tube station, this huge building is overwhelming, not only because of its size but because of its mega rich/fabulous residents.  Being neighbours with Kylie Minogue? Yes please.

Turn to your left and you’ll soon spot Harrods. This is when you start to feel that perhaps you shouldn’t be visiting, am I wearing nice enough clothes to walk into a department store full of such beautiful things?

Walking around the store, looking at the extravagant and dear trinkets on offer your bank balance feels hopelessly inadequate. But, taking a quick trip to the pets section you start to feel more wanted, you and all the other ‘commoners’ stand in awe of the beautiful puppies and small kittens on offer, which you will probably never own (who cares? A cat from the local RSPCA will probably last longer and not look down on you when you feed it Tesco’s Own cat food !)

Then downstairs again to the food hall, bypass the watch section where timepieces glitter with gold and diamonds. The Food Hall is perhaps the most wonderful of the lot. Beef Wellingtons, intricate sushi and beautiful desserts grace the ornate room. But you skip past all these (too expensive, again!) and head straight to the cupcake counter, these, at £3 a pop are just right! LOLA’s cupcakes are my favourite thing in London, as well as being served in Harrods they are also on offer in the flagship store of Topshop, TOO convenient!  They do a variety of cupcakes with differing flavours and decorations.  So whatever mood you’re in, they have a cake for it!  My favourite is their classic Oreo cupcake which comes with a full size Oreo on top, perfect for some mid-shopping snacking.

So grab yourself a tube ticket, make your way around London and don’t forget to take a hop, skip and a jump to Harrods and LOLA’S cupcake counter.

One Oreo cupcake please.


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