Home Comforts & Mysterious Cats

As I only have 5 hours of Uni this term and its all on a Monday, I’ve decided to pop home to recharge the batteries and for some much needed TLC.

I never realise how much I miss home (or working heating!) until I step into my house. At first I always feel like a stranger in my own home, as my mum is always decorating or moving pieces of furniture around.  However, within a quick half an hour I’m raiding the fridge and lying on the sofa with a blanket and my cat just like old times.

My family, for as long as I can remember, have always had cats.  After the sad loss of the feline matriarch of the family, Jessie, my mother and I decided to make a trip to the local RSPCA and have a look at the kittens.  Within two weeks and various home checks, Molly (formerly known as Barbara) was a part of the family.  

Molly, is a fascinating creature. Today, she is sat next to me in the warmth of the sitting room as its raining outside.  She, like the rest of us is conscious of getting her hair wet.  I feel extremely privileged to be graced with Molly’s company this evening, as she is usually a very independent lady.  I imagine her iPod would mostly be filled with feminist anthems and she’d know all the dance moves and words to Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

Molly is the kind of cat who takes what she needs from you, she is the boss in this relationship. However, whenever you are feeling down/tired/ill she is always sat at the bottom of the sofa or bed you are on, offering a kind paw or a soft coat to cry on.

She is always impeccably groomed and is able to communicate what she wants and when she wants it through a series of curt meows.  She reminds me of Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.

Perhaps, we should all take a lesson out of Molly’s book and be independent confident, caring, selfish in the right measure and always always well groomed.



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