Dissertation Blues

Writing a dissertation is one of the most daunting things I’ve had to do yet.

I now regularly spend my days surrounded by disorganised pieces of paper and old books  while mumbling about quotes and page numbers.  Slowly, I am going mad.

Not only are dissertations daunting, they are unhealthy.  While writing, I always keep a bag full of snacks nearby to motivate me to write and give me a little treat.  I think my dissertation is making me fat.  

Heres a few survival tips for writing your dissertation:

Take regular breaks – even if its doing a few star jumps in the library

Become best friends with your dissertation tutor – consider them to be the fountain of all knowledge!

Start your research early – theres nothing worse than realising you’ve got nothing to talk about to your dissertation tutor

Go out and play!  Nights out can quickly cure a case of the dissertation blues.

Eat healthy – avoid the snacks and head for the fruit aisle in the supermarket (maybe I should take my own advice??)

Eat a good breakfast – fruit, cereal, eggs, anything! As long as it gets your brain working

Don’t worry if you have a few unproductive day – these things happen!  Just don’t let it happen too often.

Have library buddies – its all too tempting to go home after a couple of hours, however, if you buddy up with someone who is hard working and committed to their work then you’ll soon catch on and your work will benefit.

Read your work aloud!

Make targets and keep to them – To Do Lists are a great way of keeping organised

Tidy your room – Tidy room, tidy head

Get everyone you can to read it – different people may pick up on different spelling or grammar mistakes

Make a detailed plan – spider maps, doodles, random notes written to oneself, whatever works for you! But make sure you keep them all!

Back up your work!

Make sure you have some me time – even if its just taking 5 extra minutes in the shower, make sure you are looking after yourself and your work will be top notch!

Reward yourself – cinema trips, Nandos, Topshop binges, buying magazines!  If you’ve reached a target take some time out with your friends, and possibly your bank card, and have some fun!

I’m 2,500 words through my dissertation with a possible 9,500 to go, I’m sure this will not be the only time I will talk about the dreaded diss!

Wish me luck!



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