Collars have made a comeback in 2012.

The preppy look of a fully buttoned shirt has been on the rise for a number of years, however, in 2012 more and more girls have embraced the embellished neck line trend and the collars have become increasingly innovative.  I was inspired to write this blog, after been given a lovely compliment about a collar I wore on campus yesterday, the Bagel Girl’s admission that she loved my collar was the highlight of a day otherwise spent in the library!

The most fashionable collars around at the moment are those with embellishments at the tip and those which are detachable. Instead of buying a whole new shirt, you can customise pieces already in your wardrobe by attaching a sparkly tip to an existing collar or adding a whole new collar to a shirt without one.  This way you can pretend each piece is brand spanking new again!  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!   

These are my favourite styles at the moment:

1.  This ASOS gold studded collar can add a bit of punk to any outfit and is in keeping with the ongoing stud trend.  It is also on sale for only £11 at the moment, bargain!

2.  This eyelet and pearl adorned collar from Topshop really caught my eye, as it reminds me of the baroque prints which are currently making their rounds on the high street.  It is currently in stores for £18.

These collars can add a bit of panache to a dreary office outfit and can revitalise a piece of clothing which has been lying at the back of your wardrobe for an eternity.  I will certainly be giving the collar trend another whirl and complementing those around me who do too, just like the lovely Bagel Girl.


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