Is All Publicity, Good Publicity?

Kristen Stewarts recent dalliance with Rupert Sanders, the married director of Snow White and the Huntsman hasn’t exactly marred her blossoming career.  At the time the scandal broke, the premier of the last of the Twilight series was looming and her first major fashion campaign, for Balenciaga’s perfume was only recently revealed, it almost seems like the affair was an elaborate but ingenious publicity stunt.  Whether it was or not remains to be seen, however, the incident led to a renewed interest in the Twilight press conferences where the media speculated incessantly over Stewart’s on-off relationship with her co-star Robert Pattinson.  The celeb obsessed world was looking for any sign of continued sexual chemistry between the two and the world was rewarded, the two seem to have patched up their relationship, while Rupert Sanders and his wife Liberty Ross continue to be stalked by the press from therapy session to therapy session.  Balenciaga also benefitted from the scandal, in every newspaper and magazine article about Stewart, the fashion house was name checked.

All this, makes me question whether all publicity really is good publicity?

I suspect this saying may be Lindsay Lohan’s life motto.  Her numerous arrests (one being as recent as this week) haven’t led to her being ostracised by the media, in fact, she is their golden girl.  The paparazzi’s wait like predators to catch her making a wrong move, the girl is being followed endlessly.  Her recent return to the (small) screen in Liz & Dick was watched by 3.5million Americans on the 25th of November, thus making it the fourth most-watched movie on the Lifetime channel in 2012.  Although the television movie was critically panned, with one reviewer from the San Francisco Chronicle stating that the film is ‘so terrible, you’ll need to ice your face when it’s over to ease the pain of wincing for two hours’, (ouch) people were watching because the general masses are fascinated by Lindsay.  Although her career has suffered as many downs as it has ups, the girl is still getting offered work.

The world of celebrity is at loggerheads with reality.  Kate Moss post-cocaine scandal made more money than she had done in the years previous, however most everyday working people who experience a scandal in their lives are not usually rewarded with job offers, pay rises and fashion house campaigns.  The saying all publicity, is good publicity doesn’t always ring true, so perhaps I shouldn’t make it my new go to phrase.

Perhaps adding a few arrests to my CV a la Lohan isn’t the best way to boost my chances of securing a graduate job, but maybe it’ll land me a part in a film?


Kristen-Stewart-Florabotanica-Balenciaga-Paris-AdKristen Stewart in Balenciaga’s Florabotanica campaign

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