Chanel in Edinburgh

Chanel in Scotland?  Really?  Yes, really.

Lagerfield chose the capital of Scotland to host his Paris-Edimbourg’ Metiers d’Art show to celebrate the connection between Chanel and Scotland’s textile industry.  The show was held in the atmospheric Linlithgow Palace which housed the monarchs in the 15th and 16th centuries.  Now the Palace was housing fashion royalty.

The chilly weather was the perfect chance to show off Chanel’s offerings of luxurious Scottish wools.  Male and female models marched around the candlelit courtyard showing off a variety of outfits which represented royals, golfers and peasants.

The show featured traditional argyll socks, re-imagined classic Chanel bags and plaid everything.  I wish my winter wardrobe was full of the warm and cosy delights which were on display.  The men sported oversized winter warmers which would be perfect for a Christmas day lunch, while Lagerfield’s own godson walked in the show wearing a cute outfit complete with a kilt.  As the show progressed, the colour of the garments lightened from greys, reds and blacks to snowy whites, reflecting the different social classes which existed in 16th century Scotland.

The show is a lesson in layering, the models looked swathed in countless pieces of fashion history.  Appropriate for the cold British weather.  

Boxy Chanel jackets were mismatched with chunky gloves and thick tweed trousers, while the classic brands pearls were adorned with gems and twisted around the models necks.  Traditional Chanel bags were turned into hip flasks (need one) and some of the jackets had puffed shoulders which reflected the Jacobite theme.

The last few dresses of the show, reminded me of paintings of Elizabeth I of England, stooped in glamour and with magnificent detailing.  These white gowns perhaps pointed to the monarchs virgin status and the idea of a pure monarchy.  However, this might just be the English and History student in me.  

Here are a few of my favourite images from the show:


I love this cute muffler, practical and covetable


This outfit is a lesson in mixing all different types of fabrics and patterns.


Who wouldn’t want a Chanel hip flask?


Fashions golden girl, Cara Delevingne, looks positively angelic in this white ensemble


All images from

I love the drama of this outfit, it feels like it is steeped in history.

Thanks for reading!


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