Hot Off the Instagram Press

So, as you can probably guess, my Instagram detox didn’t go so well, perhaps I will make it a New Years Resolution.  My obsession has grown, but also changed, in that I have become obsessed with Beyonce’s profile.  The music mogul has gone from fashion faux pas (Destiny’s Childs matching outfits) to style icon and her Instagram is a collection of pictures detailing her interesting outfits.  Here are a few of my favourites:


I love the delicate floral pattern of this Emma Cook Silk de Chine shirt and shorts coord combination with Beyonce’s topknot (A style she seems to love at the minute) 


The Baroque print on these jeans is interesting and snazzes up an otherwise bland monochrome outfit.  Her au natural make up makes her look fresh faced and low key.


I love this vintage style shirt, paired with the heavy gold jewellery.  Has she been borrowing some of Jay-Z’s chains? I think so.


This bomber jacket is bang on trend and is a very accessible look, every high street store is selling them, ASOS have a wide collection of fabulously patterned jackets.  Plus her legs look amazzzzing.  You would not guess that she gave birth at the beginning of the year.


Patterned peg trousers are also making the rounds and Beyonce is wearing them perfectly.  Heels and a simple top round off the outfit stylishly…not sure about the bunny ears though.


I love the pattern of this jumper/trouser combo.  Laid back, effortlessly stylish Beyonce has hit the right note again, as always.  

This is definitely one of the most stylish Insta accounts around and one I will be checking daily while listening to Single Ladies.


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