Pearl Embellishments

Embellishments have been everywhere the last couple of years.  All my clothes are covered in studs, so much so, that my lecturer sarcastically asked if I was a biker…this is the man who dresses in the same outfit everyday…

Studs have been my go to for every occasion.  Birthday – Studs.  Lecture – Studs.  Trip to McDonalds – STUDS.  However, when searching the Topshop site for some new clobber, I found this beautiful pearl embellished bralet.  And suddenly I’ve been cured of my stud mania.


This top reminds me of my mother’s precious pearls which I have lusted over for years, however, is a fair few bob cheaper at just £38 (10% if you’re a student) and is so pretty you’ll be getting compliments all night.  Just a word of warning, the straps are a bit delicate so may need a few stitches to reinforce them – wouldn’t want a strap breaking on a night out, potential nip slip disaster.  

Pearls are around a lot at the moment, Topshop has another pearly option with these incredible hotpants at a dear £60, but what an investment piece.   Get them now while they’re still in stock!


Another way to nail the trend is through the magic of nail art.  Ciaté have released their Caviar Limited Edition Manicure set in Black Pearl.  Caviar nails have quickly become a cult classic in 2012 and are predicted to be even bigger in 2013.  I’ll be trying out this trend in the Christmas period!

Soon hopefully my lecturer won’t be asking if I’ve a masculine biker but if I’m a lady of leisure with all the delicate pearls around!

One can hope


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