QCumber Clothing

Looking for some cool and edgy clobber for an upcoming university trip, or just a fruit and vege fanatic?  

QCumber Clothing is the answer.

QCumber is the brainchild of three Oxford University graduates (clever boys) who love their 5 a day.  They have paired comfortable and colourful crew neck jumpers with repetitive prints featuring pineapples, strawberries and the odd cucumber.

The boys target university students with a love of edgy clothing, but the eccentric crew necks have also been seen on the usually prim and proper Made in Chelsea alum Francis Boulle.  QCumber haseven been featured in Grazia magazine and name-checked on BBC Radio 1, and the founders title themselves as the pioneers of ‘pineapparel’.  Things are moving fast and in the right direction for this small clothing line.    

The jumpers come in a wide variety of colours and prints for under £30 and they’ve also created knitted hats with cute fruit bobbles – why not?  

Check out this new and fruity take on fashion at www.qcumberclothing.com and follow the line at @QCumberClothing for details of when they’re visiting your university or a nearby market.

I’m going to go munch on some fruit…


p.s. I can now confirm I saw many QCumber jumpers on my recent ski trip and they looked so cosy and cool!

  1. Sarah said:

    Definitely need me some QCumber jumpers!

  2. jkayre said:

    Saw so many Qcumber jumpers while skiing! We shall purchase some!! x

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