Mayrhofen 2012

Instead of working on my endless dissertation I have spent the last week in Mayrhofen, Austria with my University snowsports club, RUSNO. This is arguably one of my favourite weeks of the year, as students from every corner of university life celebrate the end of term, let loose and ski. Unfortunately I’m no pro skiier (blue runs are my territory) so I can’t give you an educated low down on the quality of the pistes, snow or other skiiers/snowboarders, however, I can tell you that this beautiful little town is the perfect place for a wild week away with some friends.

We stayed in the Mayrhofen Strass hotel which is literally a two second walk from the main gondola, saving us from lugging ski gear around everywhere, handy.  The 300 strong group frequented the kooky Ice Bar for some much needed apres ski and a dance to some cheesy Austrian tunes post-strenous ski.  Prepare to hear Disco Pogo at least twice every visit and watch out for the dancing polar bear!

Most nights were spent in Arena wearing some ridiculous fancy dress (think granny’s/babies/Austrian lederhosen) and listening to some spectacular DJs.  My nights in Arena are a hazy blur of dancing and antics with friends.  

Every so often we’d make the 5 minute walk up the road to the Schlüssel Alm where the indoor bars provide not just drinks but pizza and kebabs at all times of night. Convenient.

Mornings, were of course, spent on the slopes. Snowplough, parallel turns and carving became my vocabulary of choice throughout the week, however, I was more talking the talk rather than walking the walk. Inbetween trying to catch up with friends on the slopes, I snacked on endless amounts of carbs. My favourite place I went for a tit bit was Christlerhof, where the menu features some of the best Goulash on offer on the mountains for a reasonable price. Also try and check out the butchers which is situated opposite the main gondola for some delicious ribs and sandwiches on the cheap!

A little tip: watch out and admire the young children on the slopes in Austria. I was frequently embarrassed by kids who looked like they had barely started walking let alone ski – I soon became used to being overtaken on the regular.

Whether you’re a serious skiier or a bit of a amateur, a la moi, Mayrhofen is the place to go. Take some fancy dress along with you, plenty of funds for those dreaded shots and don’t forget to fill your ski jacket pockets with hungover snacks for those weak moments on the slopes!

Now, I’m going to go try and recover from my crazy week by munching on a large curry and catching up on some much needed sleep.


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