Going Home for Christmas

After the marathon coach trip back from Austria to Reading (19 hours) I have spent another day travelling home on trains and planes.  In recent years, I’ve started to treat the trek home as a sort of routine which I revel in.

First of all, I turn up at the train station, ridiculously early clutching suitcases full of dirty clothes for washing (thanks mum) and copious amounts of University work which I have neglected throughout the term.  I make a quick trip to M&S and pick up a sandwich as I have inevitably skipped breakfast that morning and make my way to the platform, crossing my fingers that I’ll get a seat.  Whilst on the train I alternate through dribbled filled snoozes to reading one of the many books I have bought along the way for a bizarre module (Todays choice was called The Wild Animal Story…riveting).

At the airport (Gatwick), I check in, again crossing my fingers as my suitcase gets weighed (a heavy sticker is applied to my suitcase…awkward) and make my way to the departures lounge where my eyes are accosted with an enormous amount of things I want to buy now and today because of the festive season my ears were assaulted with continuous Christmas tunes which followed my every move!

Today, I spent a large amount of time testing MAC lipsticks, pondering over OPI nail varnishes (I loved the colour Dating a Royal)  and considering buying a large amount of alcohol to gift relatives (and to have a cheeky glass myself) before munching on a Pret avocado and crayfish salad – not exactly a Christmassy meal.  

I then partake in the very British past time of people watching, staring intently at the hundreds of people who walk past, trying to guess their destination (today’s lot seemed to all be skiers) and where they got various items of clothing from.  Today, I witnessed a very intense PDA session from a young and in love couple who were seemingly spending their first Christmas together.

I’d spent all the preceding week worrying about whether I would be able to get home this Christmas because of adverse weather conditions which the Daily Mail had been raving about while I was in Austria.  Throughout the week I had had images of me spending Christmas in a budget hotel, alone, munching on some soggy sandwiches.  Alas, after only a short delay, my plane took off.

As we glided over the shores of Guernsey I began to spot numerous glittering Christmas light displays which transformed me from a grumpy and tired Grinch to a spritely Christmas elf (cheesy) and my excitement for the festive season increased to MEGA proportions.

So here I am, 2 nights before Christmas Day sitting watching the Father Ted Christmas Special – its sort of an Ayre family tradition – while admiring the lights of our perfect Christmas tree and trying to guess what Santa will leave me under it (I’m hoping for a new Mulberry and some perfume).

I hope you are all surrounded by family and friends over the Christmas period and have not become victim of the travel delays which have blighted Britain in the last few days!  Enjoy your roasts, I know I will!

Have a Merry Christmas!


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