Christmas Festivities

Christmas is the time of year to celebrate the three central ‘F’s of life – family, friends and food.

I spent Christmas Eve preparing my stomach for the bountiful amount of Yuletide cooking which I would be tucking into the next day, while listening to an array of festive themed tunes to get myself in the mood for Santa’s eagerly anticipated visit.  Drinks with some old friends in a local Guernsey pub, the Cock and Bull, followed in the evening.  I decided to dress up for the occasion, foregoing the usual Christmas jumper attire (which I slightly regretted because of the cold weather!), and instead wearing some black American Apparel disco pants, a black strapless vest top from good old Primark and my new favourite wardrobe staple, my Topshop Galactic Co-ord Blazer (which is pictured above and is now on sale for £40 – God bless the Christmas sales!).  I will definitely be cracking out this outfit a few more times!  The flattering cut of the blazer will hide any lumps and bumps which will inevitably emerge after the gluttony of the Christmas period!  After all, it is the only time of year when stuffing yourself to the brim and drinking alcohol at all times of day is acceptable.

The night was spent watching some festive classics with the family, (okay, so maybe The Terminator isn’t so much of a December classic), admiring my mother’s handy work with the decorations (she has admittedly gone decoration mad), laying out the traditional plate of food for Santa and his trusty reindeers and heading up to bed early, slightly tipsy, waiting for the arrival of Saint Nick and his sack of surprises.

I woke up on the morning of the 25th spooning my puppy, Jorgie, who was much confused by my squeal of delight.  A walk on the extremely windy headland with the dogs blew out the cobwebs in the morning ready for some intense unwrapping of presents.  I managed to slip and fall into the muddiest puddle in the area (typical me!), an action which any other day would have caused a mini paddy, (I’ve just washed these clothes!) however, today all I could do was laugh heartily at the mud stains on my leggings and hands.  

The time for opening presents came along around midday as we listened to a Christmas playlist which I had prepared on Youtube, featuring such classics as Wham!’s Last Christmas and the 1984 Band Aid single.  I am extremely fortunate and received a Mulberry Effie bag and oodles of Topshop vouchers for a new year wardrobe overhaul as well as some other brilliant goodies, however, the best part was seeing my mum open the presents which I had carefully chosen for her!  Thank you’s, hugs and kisses were exchanged before we all quickly shot to lunch at one of Guernsey’s many boutique hotels, The Farmhouse.  A festive dinner of terrine, Turkey and mince pies was consumed while I wore a sparkly top (reminiscent of tinsel) by Topshop.  Bellies full to the brim the Ayre family returned home all regretting the last mouthful of pudding which was eaten (oh bugger it, its Christmas).  We proceeded to try and test presents, nap and catch up on the Christmas specials which had been on TV in the run up to the big day.  I ended up sobbing uncontrollably and grabbing my two dogs in tight cuddles while watching Paul O’Grady’s For the Love of Dogs, sad I know.

Spending time with my family on Christmas, catching up with friends and (most importantly) stuffing my face full of festive foods has been a delightful change from University grub (my staple is cheese on toast) and like the song, I wish it could be Christmas everyyyyy dayyyyy.

I hope everyone received all the presents they wanted, and if you didn’t, hopefully spending time with loved ones made up for this!  Tomorrow will be spent scouring the internet’s many sales, (Guernsey shopping leaves much to be desired) and making a list of New Year’s Resolutions ready to be broken!

Merry Christmas!


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