New Year Resolutions

 New Year Resolutions have a bad rep.  

I said in a previous blog that I was making some in preparation to break them and a lot of the time my past resolutions have fallen by the wayside; hopelessly unfulfilled.  

However, as always, I have promised myself this year will be different and perhaps by putting my resolutions in writing and available to the masses I will be forced to stand by them.  So here they are:

1.  Eat healthily – I’m not a fan of the ‘lose weight’ resolution, as I find it vague (how exactly am I proposing to lose weight?) and as soon as I step on a scales with no success I quickly abandon this resolution and head weeping to the cakes cupboard in my house.  While choosing some of the pictures which sum up my year, I just knew I had to put in the one of Dairy Milk Oreo, this was a testament to my love of chocolate and all things sweet and prompted me to champion healthy eating.  My one big vice is drinking Coke, so I will slowly be weening myself off while swapping Ben & Jerry’s for a healthy yoghurt, McDonalds for nutritious salads and library snacks with a medley of fruits- God forbid. 

2.  Run more – I have never been a runner, secondary school was spent trying to think of innovative excuses as to why I couldn’t participate in the horrendous annual cross country (my dog ate my PE kit?)  My legs swing in all sorts of directions while running and I frequently fall over (picture Bambi on a treadmill) however, I’ve always been slightly jealous of the people I see confidently jogging along the side of a road while, I imagine, listening to some motivational songs.  So this year, I propose that I will become a fully fledged road runner.  Rio 2016 anyone?

3.  Say YES more – I perhaps won’t go as far as Jim Carrey in the hilarious film Yes Man but I do plan to embrace the affirmative more often!  Spontaneous night out, yes.  Sky dive, yes.  Travelling, yes! Marmite? No…thats still a no.  

4.  Read all the Harry Potter books again – doing English and History at university gives me little chance to read something I actually want to read (yes, believe it or not, I did not read Moby Dick by my own accord).  So when I finally graduate in June ’13, I plan to buy myself a libraries worth of books to read and to also revisit the ones which I loved dearly during my earlier years, particularly the Harry Potter books.  It’ll be an excuse to visit the Making of the Harry Potter studios in Watford!

5.  Save for something – I love the satisfaction of knowing I paid for this.  The Bank of Mum & Dad will soon be closed to my greedy clutches and I will have to fend for myself in the big wide, expensive world, so learning to save for covetable goods is good practise for this.  I have yet to decide what to save for, but I’m sure it’ll take the shape of either a bag (of pick a mix, if I spend all my money by accident), a watch or some other golden accessory.  Watch this space.

Hopefully I will be able to stick by these resolutions better than I have in previous years and maybe you’ll see me, running past you, banana and new purse in hand, reciting chapters from Harry Potter and screaming a big fat YES to any challenge that comes my way.  Cheesy, I know.  


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