Bargain Hunt: Primark Edition

Primark’s Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook is causing all sort of waves in the fashion world.  Not only is it stylish, it is cheap.  Here are my favourite picks from their newest collection:

This collection makes me want Spring to be now.  Warmer weather means cracking out the summer dresses and shorts, both of which Primark have plenty of.  Their statement sunnies are rounded while their shorts are sporty.  Summer dresses come in vintage shapes and on-trend stripes.  Bags and jewellery boast neon accents, and the bright pink colour which is featured heavily, has been seen on the Oscar de la Renta and Chado Ralph Rucci runways, perfect.   Wedge trainers a la Isabel Marant make several appearances throughout the collection but in pastel colours; they look so comfy I want to go running in them!  (Maybe not…)  This white tailored jacket would look effortlessly cool with the printed trousers, which are only £12!  

All these items retail for under £30, which is perfect if you have spent all your pennies in the January sales!  I can’t wait to get back to the UK to go bargain hunting in Primark and pick up some of these summery delights, I’ll be heading for the printed trousers and heavy duty chain necklace straight away to revamp my summer wardrobe!

Hurry up sunny weather!



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