Lusting After: Alexander McQueen

The first question I have to ask myself is: when aren’t I coveting a piece of any Alexander McQueen collection, past or present? However, this clutch and scarf combination has got me thinking of elaborate and dangerous ways to somehow create an influx of money into my bank account (my lack of flexibility has ruled out joining the circus)

McQueen always cited the mechanics of nature as one of his biggest influences for his avant garde creations and Sarah Burton has continued this tradition (McQueen’s SS13 collection featured honeycomb inspired fabrics).  This clutch and matching scarf are demonstrations of the brand’s love of all things wild.

When I first them on the Selfridges website – yes I know I have a dissertation to write – I couldn’t help but think of Damien Hirst.  I was lucky enough to go see Hirst’s exhibition at the Tate Modern in London last summer, and although I wasn’t a huge fan of his work beforehand, I enjoyed the experience!  Well, as much as you can when thereis a cut in half cow present.  I especially enjoyed Hirst’s work ‘High Windows – Happy Life’ which uses butterflies (controversial as it is) to create a glass pane effect.  The vivid colours and the use of the butterflies intricate wings are replicated in this uber stylish duo’s design – albeit with dragonflies.  

This isn’t the first time that the worlds of Hirst and McQueen have collided.  Both artist and designer have worked with skulls; a McQueen skull scarf or ring is a statement piece for any fashion obsessed lady, while Hirst’s ‘For the Love of God’ is a diamond encrusted skull which has reportedly been sold for $100million – pocket change then.  

The Dragonfly and Petal God Save McQueen silk scarf retails for £445.00 while the clutch goes for a slightly cheaper £315.00.

Best start saving!


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