A Weekend in London

As this weekend was my Grandma and my Dad’s birthday a family reunion in London was in order.  My excitement for the weekend turned into trepidation as the Daily Mail website was plastered with ‘DON’T TRAVEL ON FRIDAY’ messages and this fear was realised when on checking the Guernsey airport departures website on early Friday morning all I could see was the word ‘CANCELLED’.  Heart break began to settle in.  

Alas, not all was lost, my Grandma’s train, although facing delay was determinably trudging on through the snow and she turned up at the hotel in time for a quick lunch, while my dad faced cancelled and delayed planes and then a broken down Gatwick Express before he made it in for a dinner of oysters, whitebait and tiger prawns at the charming Wolseley Cafe situated next to the Ritz.

Our after dinner activity was a trip to the theatre to see the award winning Matilda at the Cambridge theatre in the West End.  (Meanwhile, my mum was still sitting in Guernsey airport waiting for the snow to subside and a flight to take off)  I’m a big fan of musicals and Matilda did not disappoint (how could it when Tim Minchin wrote the music?!)  I found myself laughing hysterically throughout as Matilda outsmarted Miss Trunchbull and her ignorant parents.  One of the best moments of the musical was Bruce Bogtrotter’s incredible Diana Ross inspired solo, prepare to cry with laughter!  All the kids were so cute and amazingly talented (as well as fashionable: they all had Cambridge Satchel Company backpacks) which has made me want my future children to be musically minded!  I fear I will become a pushy stage mother!


Saturday morning started off with a walk through Mayfair’s Burlington Arcade with my mum who had eventually made it to London – Bravo!  Admiring the various precious jewels on offer, vintage Rolex’s and Laduree’s candy coloured macaroons was followed by a hearty breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs in Richoux before shopping commenced.

Of course my first stop was Selfridges, where I checked out the #NoNoise exhibition which has been running for a couple of weeks now.  The conceptual event included the reopening of Mr. Selfridge’s own brainchild, the Silence Room, a space where mobile phones are banned and stressed shoppers can relax in peace – sounds like heaven.  There are also Headspace pods littered throughout the store, where shoppers can take a quick 5 minutes for a time out.  Make sure you take a trip to Selfridge’s ‘Quiet Shop’ where De-Branded goods such as Marmite pots, Heinz Ketchup bottles and Acne’s de-sloganed tshirts, aim to create a ‘purer shopping experience’.  I’ve never been so relaxed, post-Selfridges.

A traditional trip to Topshop’s Oxford Street flagship store followed where I admired the sportswear dressed mannequins which hung from the ceiling (looking up was a shock).  I picked up the beautiful Bright Blue A-line Skirt (£34), the Geo Fluid Longline Blazer (£75) and of course a small Lola’s Cookie and Cream Cupcake (£1.25) to give me a much needed sugar boost.

Dinner was in Raymond Blanc’s Brasserie Blanc on Charlotte Street with a mix of my extended family – its safe to say the wine flowed.  The chain of restaurants offers simple but high quality French grub which I can confirm, is delicious.  I had Chicken Parfait to start which was so smooth and more-ish I wish I could have had a second plate.  Myself and the majority of the party opted for the Fillet Steak which had come highly recommended by one of my older brothers.  It was perfectly pink inside and accompanied by chips, a tomato garnished with garlic and sides of greens.  I’d definitely recommend finishing off the meal with the apple and berry crumble to warm your stomach for these cold winter nights!


All in all, my weekend (bar the travel nightmares and the regular falls in the snow) was wonderful!  I’d highly recommend seeing Matilda ASAP and lining your stomach with some Lola’s cupcakes before drinking and eating yourself full at Brasserie Blanc!

Now to bed down and watch the film version of Matilda for some Sunday procrastination…


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