Rumour Mill: Beyonce & H&M


The rumour mill has been set alight with claims that Beyonce is the new face of mega high street brand H&M today!

This is all after one of Beyonce’s dancers, Kimberly Gipson, tweeted and quickly deleted ‘H&M all set…go!’ while on location with the beautiful Bey in the Bahama’s where she has been spotted taking part in a very secretive beach wear shoot!Georgia Jagger is set to be the face of the brand’s chic and cheap Rock‘n’Roll Mansion which is set to hit stores in February of this year and it looks as if lifesize pictures of the bootylicious Beyonce will grace every store in the UK and beyond come the Summer.  Beyonce will be joining a bevy of stars who have all been faces of the brand, including David Beckham, Jerry Hall, Lana Del Rey and Gisele Bundchen.  As you all know from my blog on Beyonce’s GQ cover I’m a HUGE fan and I would love to see a woman who has a truly curvy body be the face of a bikini collection!

Excitement overload!  

Watch this space!


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