& Other Stories

There have been whisperings that H&M will soon be launching a new brand, named & Other Stories, and these rumours have been confirmed to be tru-mours.  The name and logo has been trademarked and slowly but surely, mysterious sneak peak videos are emerging while a tumblr page has been set up of the new chain’s upcoming collection and it looks pretty promising.

H&M’s chief executive officer, Karl-Johan Persson has likened the new chain to another arm of the business’ fashion empire, COS, which offers quality, timeless fashions for a slightly dearer price than that of H&M.  There are rumours that & Other Stories may be a luxury brand, however, price points have yet to be made available – adding to the mystery of the project.  This wouldn’t be the first time that H&M has dabbled in the luxury fashion market, the highstreet store has successfully collaborated with numerous designer brands, including Lanvin, Roberto Cavalli and most recently Maison Martin Margiela.

From perusing & Other Stories beautifully arranged Tumblr page the SS13 collection looks feminine, delicate and lustworthy.  Statement sunnies, sculptural heels and soft looking leathers have all featured, I’m very excited.  While the videos hint at beauty, perfume, shoe, lingerie and jewellery lines!

There is no confirmation of when & Other Stories will launch, but there will be a store on London’s Regent Street, meaning a trip will be in order for the grand opening!  Other stores will be located in Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Milan and Barcelona as well as an online store.

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting news!


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