Dissertation Motivation

Last night I listened to my the excitement of my housemates as they got ready for a night out in Reading.  I should have been joining in to the chatter about music, makeup and mojito’s, (okay, vodka) but I was sat in my bed, pouring over my dissertation notes and having my bi-weekly panic about the sheer amount of work I have to do.

In films, you often see the protagonist stand infront of a mirror and chant some kind of motivational and extremely cheesy mantra before carrying out a daunting task.  However, if most of us did this, inevitably a family member or housemate would walk in and the story of how we talk to ourselves in the mirror would become common knowledge.  So, I’ve had to look elsewhere.  Prepare for major cheese factor, I apologise in advance!

Slight confession, most of these are from Sean Combs (Yes, PDiddy’s) Instagram, who would have thought that Puff Daddy would be my motivational guru?


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