The Best Dressed Challenge

Do you look at the above actors/royalty/photographers/musicians/socialites/models and think, I dress better than that?

Well here’s your perfect chance to prove your fashion worth.

Best Dressed lists have become a mainstay in magazines in recent years. Up until now, you’ve had to acquire some sort of celebrity to be included, however, Vanity Fair have now opened up their annual Best Dressed list to the public.  This perhaps follows the popularity of Street Style blogs, where every Tom, Dick and Harry can show off their fashion credentials, proving that you don’t need to be dressed in head to toe McQueen to be hailed en vogue.  The best style inspiration comes from watching those around you and hopefully Vanity Fair’s new approach to their Best Dressed list will mirror this!  

If you think you make the cut, there are three different ways of entering the challenge: you can upload photos of yourself on the magazine’s website, or use the tag #vfbestdressed on Twitter and Instagram photos for a place on the prestigious list or to win any of the luxury prizes on offer. In the run up to the unveiling in the September Issue of VF, the editor’s will pick their favourite looks every week and these will have a chance of blagging a coveted spot rubbing shoulders with the likes of Diane Kruger, Kate Middleton and Jay-Z.

The founder, Eleanor Lambert, originally saw it as a way to promote American designers during World War II however, it has since become the most highly anticipated style list of the year.  Following Lambert’s death in 2010, the guardianship of the list has been in the hand’s of four Vanity Fair editors, whose identities remain a secret, so there is no bribing involved!  

I for one, will be checking out the VF website every few days to vote for my favourite looks and get some much needed style inspiration.  But if you’re brave enough and think you can make fashion history, upload your photo!  Good luck! 


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