Victoria Beckham/Cara Delevingne

Celebrities do not often make the transition to fashion designers successfully. Heidi Montag’s Heidiwood, Jennifer Lopez’s Sweetface and Lindsay Lohan’s 6121 line for Emanuel Ungaro are all but distant memories.  However, Victoria Beckham’s clothing line is the exception to the rule.

Mrs. Beckham has transitioned smoothly from international popstar to the gorgeous David Beckham’s WAG and finally to fashion designer; there is no doubt that she is a triple threat.  There’s also no denying that the woman has style and an eye for beautiful cuts and drapes for the female form and because of this her eponymous fashion line has gone from strength to strength, gaining rave reviews every season and is regularly worn by those in the public eye.  Beckham’s designs are seamlessly tailored, body-concious and geometrically eye pleasing.  Her designs would certainly set you back a few bob, but they’d give you endless stylish moments in return.  Just embrace the cost-per-wear mentality.

This week Victoria announced the launch of her new website which will stock her latest designs and offer an exclusive look at her creative process via videos and blogs.  And is there a better way to announce a new business venture than picking the world’s most in demand model to star in an promotional video?  While Beckham is often the best advert for her clothes (she wears her own designs constantly) she has chosen Cara Delevingne to shows off her ballet skills and models some of the lines latest designs in a mysterious video created by King & Partners, who have also worked with Mrs Beckham’s best friend and fellow designer, Marc Jacobs.

The website will launch next month and Victoria will be on hand to show her latest collection in an exhibition in New York in February as well.  This is one fashion powerhouse who will not stop until she has her hands on world domination, SpiceGirls style.  

Girl Power.


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