I am a big fan of Disney.  My love began at the tender age of four when I first visited Disney World in Florida.  Since then my family and I have travelled to the U.S of A more times than I can count for a jaunt around the parks and some time to make friends with Mickey and Minnie (and particularly Eeyore, he is my favourite – yes I know how lame that sounds).  These holidays have been some of the best I’ve ever had, despite all the mishaps that have happened along the way (Bubblegum in the eye, getting locked in a room, frog in dad’s trousers, losing my brother for hours on end…the list goes on…) I still find myself googling Disney holidays in the vain hope that one day a flight to Florida will cost a tenner and a 10 day stay at the Grand Floridian (my favourite hotel in the parks) will be on the house…one day maybe?  I have also spent numerous hours pestering multiple friends to take me to Disney Land Paris for my fix, however, this has yet to come into fruition – I’m still waiting.  In the meantime, I can fill my hours with watching the hundreds of Disney films that are around and Paperman is the newest of these.

Paperman is an Oscar nominated short film by Disney with the most charming of all story lines.  The animated short looks much more like the traditional hand drawn cartoons which Disney used to create; the technology, I am told, is called Meander.  It allows the animators to draw on top of computer generated imagery meaning that the lines between drawn and digital animation are now blurred.  Clever.  

However, enough with the technical things, I feel like a film critic of late.  My advice to you: if you’re stuck in the library or at work or just generally need a cheer up then give Paperman a watch.  You’ll definitely enjoy.


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