25 Years of Kate Moss

Its hard to believe the ever youthful Kate Moss has been gracing magazines, billboards and countless campaigns for 25 years now (I can’t believe shes 39?!)  The innovative British publication, i-D has decided to celebrate this mean fete by creating 6 different covers featuring Kate in all her glory.  From the age of 14, when Moss was first discovered in JFK airport, her career has gone from strength to strength.

She was the world’s first anti-supermodel, as Mossy only stood at (a taller than average) 5’7” and had a waifish figure, as opposed to Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford whowere tall and curvaceous.  But her amazing cheekbones, party lifestyle and ability to make a trend (skinny jeans anyone?) have made her the world’s top model and world reknowned celebrity.  She is definitely no shrinking violet.  

These multiple covers were shot by the Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi who also shot Kristen McMenamy for the magazine.  The remaining two covers will be revealed on Monday at i-D’s website but for now you can stare at the first four and these editorials created by the duo.

All hail Kate Moss!


  1. I can’t believe Kate Moss has been modeling for 25 years!! She just doesn’t look old enough…

    • jkayre said:

      I know! Crazy! Hoping I look like her when I’m almost 40! xxx

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