Material Girl

Last night, my housemates and I experienced one of the most eventful nights of our lives.  Following a night out we returned home and all swiftly fell into an alcohol induced deep sleep, only for the fun to begin while we slumbered.   At around half 6 in the morning (a time I haven’t seen for years) our fire alarms started ringing incessantly.  I was roused only by one of the girls bursting into my room to inform me of the emergency, and rapidly threw on a mismatched outfit.  In a blind panic, thought that I should probably save something from the fire, as all my possessions were about to go up in flames.  

Once the fire brigade had established that this cloud of smoke was actually not from a real life fire but from a novelty smoke bomb instead (thanks boys, you know who you are) I realised that I was clutching what is presumably my most precious belonging.  In the heat of the moment (like the pun?) I had picked up…my Mulberry bag.  

I had left my clothes, laptop (with my dissertation on) and photographs to burn and become ashes, and had instead thought that my bag, empty as it was, was the only thing worth keeping!  I’m going to blame this particularly bad decision on alcohol and take it as a lesson, as much as I do love my bag, if – god forbid – I am ever caught in another house fire (or similar prank induced incident) I will be grabbing more sentimental items and maybe using my bag as a carrier instead of the sole item.  For convenience of course.  

For now, it seems I am a material girl through and through.


Everyone remember to check your fire alarms work and thank you to all those who helped in our hysteria!


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