House of Holland AW13

Henry Holland is one of my favourite British designers.   Not only did his collections spark a popular resurgence of bright catchphrase emblazoned t-shirts, but the designer has kept a close tie with the high street meaning everyone can own a bit of House of Holland.  He’s worked with highstreet giant Debenhems on his H! by Henry Holland collection, collab-ed with Pretty Polly tights, released a sunglasses line in conjunction with Le Specs and made dalliances into footwear with SuperGa.  There’s no stopping him.  Through reading his regular blog spot on, trawling through his Twitter and Instagram photos, I feel like I practically know him and this makes me love him more.  Best friends?  

House of Holland was among numerous labels this season who decided to stream their shows live on the internet!   You could catch a sneak peak through his own website and, allowing everyday you’s and me’s to experience instant fashion first hand!

HOH’s collections regularly cause a-buzz during London Fashion Week because of their infectious brightness, mix of prints and trademark tee’s, his clothes embody a girl who is endless fun and doesn’t take fashion too seriously.  Holland affectionately named his AW13 collection #RAVENANNA, (the best thing I’ve heard in a while) a term he penned after seeing young girls in the East End dress ‘like old ladies, wearing nighties and bovver boots’.   This term, coupled with his other two inspirations, Summer of Love ’89 and Disco Sally, had many predicting that oodles of psychedelic prints would be on the menu, and they were not wrong.  FROW-ers, Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw, Pixie Geldof, Jamie Winstone and Daisy Lowe were treated to an eclectic cocktail of martini glass printed denim and acid orange fur lined parkas (prepare to be warm), which models strutted down a retro 70s carpet catwalk while music was pumped loudly through the venue (The House of Holland invites were printed on cassettes to mirror Henry’s belief that fashion and music crossover).  Acid greens and crystal embellished evening wear (my personal favourite of the collection was the embellished purple gown) were strewn throughout the fun collection, however, silhouettes were ladylike creating a mix of the traditional and hedonistic.  Of course, a House of Holland show could not pass without one catchphrase emblazoned piece of clothing, so a singular ‘Viva La Vibe!’ sweatshirt carried on the labels tradition and made its way onto Twitter in nanoseconds, that along with tortoiseshell shoes and the statement sunnies on display.

These clothes have boundless amounts of energy, and perhaps aren’t suitable for the normal 9-5 office job, but for a cocktail hour with a difference…


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