Weekend at Home

Once in a while I get an incessant urge to go home and have some R&R with the parents.  Home life and Uni life, it sometimes feels, are two completely different worlds and arriving home I am reminded that houses are usually warm and spotlessly clean and fridge’s can be full to the brim of glorious food (no offence to our lovely student house)  Within half an hour of stepping in the house I had been fed dinner, dessert and treats and was lying in a bath.  Luxury.

Weekends at home for me are usually a mix of sorting out bits and bobs for the parents (laptop crisis’), walking the dogs and eating the equivalent of a months food in a few short days, I tend to indulge.  I also try to make time to see friends in my whistle stop tours and Saturday night was spent drinking wine at Christie’s bar in St Peter Port for two friends who are leaving our little island to experience the big wide world, I could not be more jealous.  I will undoubtably be sitting at my desk with a library’s worth of books next to me, Facebook stalking Maxine and Mat’s pictures of China, Canada, Thailand and beyond.  Good luck!  As well as having a proper knees up, it was also an excuse to dress up in Guernsey town for once, American Apparel Disco Pants, H&M bomber jacket and my favourite Topshop crop top all made it out.

It’s safe to say that Sunday morning was not particularly my freshest.  However, I did wake up early for a bracing walk with our two dogs at Pembroke beach.  Layers upon layers were put on, ready to embrace the semi-snow like conditions which were awaiting us outside.  I looked like the michelin man.  I am not exaggerating when I say, I thought I got frostbite.  But a lunch at Mora’s in Guernsey’s town definitely warmed me up and some more wine confirmed that hair of the dog really does work.

Sunday night was spent with James Bond and staying up late to watch the Oscars red carpet followed.  Monday morning was strictly business as I researched the Oscar dresses for myfashionreview.co.uk’s founder, Lizzi Zita’s segment on Sky News, and writing my dissertation whilst also entertaining two extremely hyper dogs and one very clingy cat, however, my day’s dogsitting paid off when a lovely homemade roast was placed in front of me – mum’s are the best.  

Now, I’m back in Reading, with chilly fingers but with a suitcase full of washed clothes that smell of home and a haircut – the benefits of mid-term home time.  Until next time…


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