Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

There isn’t a better way to spend Thursday evening than in The Ritz. Last year, my brother produced a trump card when he gifted my mum a voucher for afternoon tea at the legendary London hotel, (temporarily making him the favourite child) and my mums busy schedule has meant she’s only just been able to take up the opportunity. As my brother had given her the voucher, it was his duty to accompany my mum, however, it just so happened that I was in London and there was space for one more, so I got to gate crash their mother-son date and eat some much needed cake. Our slot was at 7.30pm, so rather than afternoon tea, it turned into an evening soiree.

Arriving early, Christine and I checked out the hotel, and I managed to take a sneaky photo of the beautiful ceiling (it’s a strictly no photo rule in the public areas of the fancy hotel – as I was quickly informed). When my brother had arrived, we made our way through to the Palm Court where we were seated in some extremely comfy chairs. The room was absolutely beautiful, however, after my first scare I decided to forgo taking a picture of another wonderful ceiling – you’ll just have to see it for yourself!

It may seem a bit odd, but I am not a fan of tea. Shock horror. It’s mostly because I manage to burn my tongue everytime I have a sip (clumsy), and I’m not always keen on the taste, so being presented with a menu of all the exotic and traditional teas on offer was a bit overwhelming. After much deliberating, I chose the Lemon Verbena, and was pleasantly surprised! I will definitely be stocking up on a few fruit teas to get me through my last year exams!

Next came a three tier stand of finger sandwiches and although my first thought was, this won’t fill me up, I was soon proved wrong, as they just kept coming. With roast ham and mustard, cucumber, classic egg mayo’s and my surprise favourite, chicken with horseradish sauce, I was kept busy munching. Cakes topped the tier, while scones (I apologise for the scone picture, I couldn’t wait to try them!) arrived later with gorgeous clotted cream and strawberry jam, bizarrely scones always remind me of my time in Borneo. Rhubarb crumbles made my mouth water, while I had to refuse some coffee cake as I was stuffed to the rafters.

The atmosphere at the Ritz was friendly, and not at all snooty like I’d half-imagined. I had a lovely time, and enjoyed my first experience of an afternoon tea, thanks to my brother and mum! I will definitely be marking a few more special occasions with more finger sandwiches and exotic teas while listening to a concert pianist!

If you’re interested in booking an Afternoon Tea session at the Ritz, then check out the website here!









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