Lazy Sunday

My plans for today had been ambitious, early morning Spin class followed by a day in the library, however, when I took a peak outside to see a grey sky and pouring rain I couldn’t help but put my alarm on snooze (several times).  I’ve spent my morning watching the film, Milk (I swear it is actually helpful to my course!) and browsing Instagram for some morning time inspiration.

Here’s a peak at my last couple of weeks through the eyes of Instagram:

Tampopo sharing platter with the girls/Library neon days (shop the jumper here)/Nandos Houmous/Snow days at home/Afternoon Tea at the Ritz (read more here)/Snow dogs/A trip to & Other Stories on Regent Street/Fashion advice from H&M/& Other Stories decor/London purchases/Topshop Neck Candy (shop the necklace here)/Leopard eyes bikini (shop it here)

All in all, this weeks been a blur of days spent in the library and evenings spent spending too much money in restaurants, all whilst playing farrrr too much snapchat with my friends (I could be mean and put a few on here, but I fear revenge!)  A trip to London with my mum was much appreciated and I got a few goodies before my birthday from Topshop and Zara!  Now, I really do need to get on with some work, hope you’ve all had a good week and enjoy your lazy Sunday!


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