Style Icon #2: Hilary Tsui

Hong Kong actress Hilary Tsui has long been a trendsetter in the HK fashion scene and after recently discovering her, I will certainly be taking inspiration from her eclectic style.

She effortlessly switches between edgy sportswear accessorised with decadent jewellery to evening wear chic, making her a true fashion chameleon.  And as well as being inspiration to many, she’s a Chanel darling with her own cutting edge boutique, named Liger in the city which stocks everyone from Christopher Raeburn to Emma Cook.

With a wardrobe that includes palazzo pants printed with wild horses and a futurstic Pushbutton metallic jacket to an array of Kenzo caps and a collection of Nike Air Max 90’s which would have my boyfriend green with envy, Hilary is forever daring to push the boundaries.

A penchant for mixing trends, fabrics and prints and a love of pink, Hilary makes fashion fun and looking at pictures of her reminds me that breaking from the status quo is exciting!  So next time I’m in a bit of a fashion rut, I’ll definitely be looking to Hong Kong for a pinch of Tsui style.


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