V Magazine: Miley Cyrus

It is no secret to my friends back in Guernsey that I love Miley Cyrus. From watching reruns of Hannah Montana religiously (yes, I probably am older than the targeted demographic) to championing the saying ‘she’s just being Miley‘, I am what you could call, a super fan.

As Miley began to rebel against her sweeter than sweet Disney persona, I couldn’t help but be curious with what she would come up with next and this set of highly sexualised but stunning photographs from the upcoming V magazine styled by Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele and shot by Mario Testino are certainly another step in Miley’s Disney emancipation.

It’s almost been clear from the beginning that Miley was perhaps not the clean cut Disney princess that the large multinational was hoping for.  With a penchant for older men, a leaked salvia scandal and a series of self portraits that perhaps weren’t meant to be seen by the general public, Miley has always been a bit of a maverick and these photos of her flashing some toned bum and boob while wearing some men’s Y fronts certainly embody that spirit. Rather than surprise me they seem to a natural progression for the star who is taking her look and sound to a whole new level.  Hannah Montana would be weeping if she saw these. 

The fast talking Southerner is now preparing to release another album, which has been produced by all round triple threat Pharrell Williams, throwing up questions of what genre the music will fit into, country hip-hop anyone?  With rumours that Wiz Khalifa and Tyler the Creator will be making guest appearances, it’s not hard to predict that this album will definitely not harken back to her The Climb days. Sorry tweens.

I will definitely be picking up a copy of this edition of V to learn more about her upcoming projects, but if you’re curious for more Miley news in the meantime, check out the magazine’s website here now for an exclusive joint interview with Pharrell!


  1. Cristorey said:

    No lie JK I am hatin on Miley’s new butch aggressive image – you’ve almost convinced me but I just miss old Miley who got the best of both worlds….sigh.

    • jkayre said:

      hahaha what a brilliant link to one of her song titles!! I’m going to have to listen to it now! And I was hatin’ at first but now I’m embracing her, I can’t help but support the girl! xxx

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