After a particularly challenging exam a few of days ago, Emma, Liberty and I decided to stray from the student norm of going for post-exam drinks and head to BJ’s Bingo in Reading.

Yes, Bingo.  

I have only played bingo twice in my life before.  Once, sat around a bingo ball as a young bairn with several friends; I imagine there was copious amounts of cheating going on and a second time, last summer with my Grandma for her 90th birthday.  Although my mother had warned me several times that our wild Thursday night out with my grandma at her local town hall would not be the most thrilling, I returned home £25 richer and with a revived passion for this game of chance.

In preparation for our night out at BJ’s Bingo Hall in Reading, the excitement got a hold of me and I misread the casual dress code by donning some hot pink cupro joggers from Topshop and heeled boots.  When I got there I realised that I stuck out like a sore thumb as the uniform of jeans and a comfy jumper seemed almost mandatory.  My trousers also clashed with the retro swirly carpet, disaster.  


After buying our bingo booklets and dabbers we sat ourselves next to some ladies who looked knowledgable about the game incase we needed some pointers or inside information, it turned out we did so this was a very strategical decision!  Before starting we decided that we needed a team name and chant which would prove our dedication to the game, welcome The Bingo Bitches.

We’d turned up early in eager anticipation of our first bingo experience together, so cue some cheesy photos while we waited for our session to start:

The first few games were tense as each of us got close to getting a line, two lines or a full house for the coveted prize of £100 (a student’s equivalent of winning the Euromillions).  However, each time we were pipped to the post as other punters shouted out that they’d got there first, I must confess, a few swear words were uttered under each of our breaths.

Bingo is not for the faint hearted, although the room is filled with grey haired pensioners it’s a quick moving game and one which can go on for hours, thankfully there were multiple breaks where the pro grannies played more complicated games which us Uni students could not work out.  What is a degree useful for if it doesn’t qualify you to play top-notch Bingo?!

Although we didn’t win any money, it was definitely one of the funniest nights out I’ve had in a while (two words: Homer Simpson) and 100% beat another night spent in the library.  Next time we’ll be taking a larger group of us in the hopes that we’ll be able to convert them to Bingo lovers, just like ourselves.

If you’ve like to try out some Bingo, then check out BJ’s Bingo website here.  Enjoy!

Bingo Bitches Out x

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