MET Gala 2013: Punk

With this year’s theme for the MET Gala being Punk: Chaos to Couture, I was more than a little intrigued to see what some of the fashion crop would be wearing to the fashion event of the year.  While some seemed to perfectly grasp the theme, others (ahem, Katie Holmes) seemed to had never heard of Sid and Nancy.  The ball is a costume gala, so it allows for those lucky enough to be invited to go all out and really stretch their fashion muscles, often with varying amounts of success!  This year’s ball came with plenty of pleasant surprises and a few off the mark ensembles, making it all the more exciting to watch unfold!

Here’s a look at some of my favourite looks from the night:

Miley Cyrus was perhaps one of the most appropriately dressed of the night in a netted Marc Jacobs dress which gave her Courtney Love vibes however, her spiked hairdo teetered her ensemble into the explicitly ‘obvious’ category from the night, but I still love watching Miley progress and experiment with different designers and styles.  This was Miley’s first MET Gala and her stellar debut has proved she is certainly a one to watch in future years.  Christina Ricci and Lily Cole flew the flag for the most appropriate designer of the night, Vivienne Westwood, who is the fashion figurehead of the British punk movement.  Meshing Vivienne’s signature ruching with punk inspired makeup made Cole and Ricci two of the most on point dressers of the night.

Model of the moment, Cara Delevinge wore a studded Burberry gown, which with her bushy eyebrows and kohl liner provided a perfectly punk goes couture moment, whilst her best friend Rita Ora wore an ethereal white Thakoon gown with her statement ruby red lips; dare I say I was hoping for more from her?  Sienna Miller also wore Burberry, perpetuating rumours that she’s soon to shoot a campaign for the fashion house.  My favourite part of her outfit was the studded leather jacket which harked back to the hardware embellished jackets worn by such bands as The Clash whilst retaining an element of high brow fashion.

Katy Perry wore a decadent Dolce & Gabbana midi dress which featured an image of Joan Of Arc, she accessorised with a crown and some huge jewel earrings.  The references to Joan, one of the most anarchist and punk rock historical figures ever (can I say that?) is perhaps also a reference to Katy’s upcoming fragrance, titled Killer Queen.  Are we witnessing some subtle, but shameless self promotion here?  Regardless, I like Katy’s outlandish look as it’s completely different to anything else seen on the night and provided a different but contextual outlook on the theme.

Polish model Anja Rubik and actress January Jones both provided extra lashings of sartorial hellion by wearing red leather Anthony Vaccarello and sequined Chanel respectively.  Anja’s leather get-up definitely wowed the most out of these two in my opinion.  Although her Vaccarello would have looked out of place at most events, this was the perfect moment for the red leather ensemble, while Jones’ eye makeup has perplexed me a little as did Ginnifer Goodwin’s! 

Jourdan Dunn, Chloe Green, Julianne Hough, Nicole Richie and Jaime King all wore my high street favourite, Topshop to the gala.  Jourdan’s dress was probably my favourite out of this lot, but I loved Nicole’s daring white hair and heavily beaded gown.  Another triumph for the highstreet giant and UK fashion!  SJP also championed a UK designer by wearing a Giles Deacon dress and an amazing mohawk-esque Philip Treacy headpiece.  The headpiece and her tartan Louboutin boots amalgamated two elements of the punk subculture and provided another on point fashion moment for SJP, similar to the 2006 MET gala when she wore Alexander McQueen.

Both Jennifer Lawrence and Lena Dunham disappointed on the night for me.  J-Law, who everyone knows is my latest girl crush, wore a 1950s inspired Christian Dior dress which made her look like she’d got the wrong directions for the prom. The only saving grace of the ensemble was the Jennifer Behr headpiece with a net veil, however even this seemed like an afterthought.  While my disappointment with Dunham perhaps stems from my love of her Girls character Hannah.  I imagined Dunham would turn up in a netted vest top (no bra) and a tutu (a la Season 2 Episode 3), however, I guess life does not always imitate art and regardless, her Erdem gown was beautiful if not a little bit boring and predictable for the occasion.

Anne Hathaway provided one of the biggest and best surprises of the night.  The usually conservative dresser wore a sheer Valentino gown paired with an unexpected platinum dyed crop which begs the question, has she been taking hair advice off Miley?!  This was the perfect moment for Hathaway to vamp it up a little and hopefully this will mark a departure from her traditionally demure style!

Givenchy was definitely the outright winner of the night.  The fashion house dressed Beyonce, Rooney Mara, Madonna, Amanda Seyfried and Kim Kardashian and although Kim has been lambasted for her choice of wear, I have to say I’m a bit of a fan (minus the matching gloves).  Many have criticised the floral print of the gown paired with Kim’s bump, and although it is perhaps not the most punk ensemble of the night, her slicked back ponytail and dark lips gave her an edge.  A feat I admire from Kim who traditionally can get stuck in style ruts (remember the asymmetrical dress phase?)

Rooney Mara however, takes the crown.  Rooney is one of the co-chairs for the upcoming Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition at the MET and so was dressed perfectly for the prestigious occasion.  Although I have criticised both Rita Ora and Katie Holmes for wearing white gowns, Rooney’s lace dress with shoulder pads and zip details was offset with her black lips and slicked back hair (same formula as Kim) which gave her a perfect punk edge whilst still retaining the glamour of couture.  

Another year, another MET Ball.  

What was your favourite dress from the night?


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