Belated Birthday: Topshop Personal Shopper

Back in March it was my 22nd birthday and as anyone who knows me will already be well aware, I do love to stretch out the celebrations.  Just like the Queen, I tend to have two birthdays, one at home and one with uni friends, however, this year I’ve managed to keep the birthday spirit alive right into May, something I hope will become tradition!  

This week, in post-exam bliss my boyfriend and I headed into London with a full itinerary of activities for a belated birthday treat.  The first order of the day was heading to the personal shopper suite in Tophsop’s flagship store on Oxford Street.  I did not have to be told twice! 

While booking the session, I’d been asked to fill out a simple form with my sizes and a brief outlining of what kind of clothes I was looking for (basics or statement pieces) and for what occasions.  Having recently booked a trip to Ibiza with 40 of my closest friends (yes…forty) and confirmed some work experience at a magazine in London for the summer, I thought I’d use the opportunity to buy some clothes which would stretch to both of these occasions!

On arrival, Ross and I were introduced to my personal shopper for the hour, Lauren and taken to a suite with a huge comfy chair for him and a rail of clothes for me – heaven.  Lauren had handpicked a selection of outfits which would be perfect for the beach, club and office complete with accessories and matching shoes.  Could she be my new best friend? 

My rail was full of some perfect classics (black cami/grey jersey crop/denim shorts) and also a collection of colourfully printed maxi’s, embellished skirts and palm tree adorned shorts – resulting in the perfect style menagerie.  When I first walked in and saw some of the clothes on the rail I was a bit worried as there were a few things which I would not choose for myself however, I was more than intrigued to try everything and was pleasantly surprised by the majority!  Even Ross was generous with his complements – he’s usually quite a hard person to please!  While trying on every ensemble Lauren popped in and out with advice, helpful comments and beverages for us both whilst also offering to go grab anything else which I needed/wanted from the shop floor.

My trip to the Topshop Personal Shopper suite made for the perfect morning and although it sorely dented my poor bank account my wardrobe looks all the better for it!

I’ll undoubtably look like I’ve been sponsored by Topshop on my Ibiza trip but I can think of worse things!

If you’re thinking about booking a personal shopping experience at Topshop, then look no further than here!

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