Belated Birthday: Sketch

As well as having a very successful trip to the personal shopping suite at Topshop’s flagship store (my bank account is still smarting! Read about it here), Ross had taken into account my love of good food and organised for us to enjoy a very decadent lunch at one of the most talked about eateries in London, Sketch.  The boy knows me well.  

Opened in 2003 in a Grade II listed townhouse by Mourad ‘Momo’ Mazouz in association with the French master chef Pierre Gagnaire, the gastronomic destination was awarded 2 michelin stars in 2012 for it’s highly successful and experimental New French restaurant, the Lecture Room & Library.

Sketch promises to provide an amalgamation of different experiences, from fine dining to art and music and it certainly came through.  On arrival we were greeted by the friendly front of house who accompanied us through a darkly lit corridor with art installations running throughout and pointed us to some mirrored toilets which made me second guess where I was stepping.  We were seated in the Lecture Room & Library; a beautifully orange lit room with a magnificent high ceiling and skylight and some sumptuous chairs surrounding a few tables with well dressed patrons.  Now, it may be odd to fixate on the chairs of a highly successful restaurant, but these chairs were something else.  Huge arm chairs which were, I imagine, as comfy as Joey’s Lazyboy on Friends accompanied every table in different shades of orange and when a waiter noticed that I was sat quite forward in mine to reach the table he presented me with a cushion, like a royal.  

We were promptly presented with an array of experimental amuse bouche’s which were all delicious.  A spinach macaroon filled with ricotta cheese was among my favourite, alongside a mini pepper salad which proved more-ish and cumin crackers with an accompanying aubergine dip.  I could have sat and nibbled all day.  

Our menu was titled the Flower menu and each of the four (yes, four!) starters came complete with edible flowers, a detail which we thought tied in well with the ongoing Chelsea Flower Show.  My favourite of all the starters has to be the Poached Pigeon with Chicken Liver and Foie Gras Mousse topped with a Hibiscus Bigarrade which was literally the best thing I have ever tasted and I would 100% head back to Sketch again just to eat this!  The Devon Mussells with Nasturtium Flower Bouillon was also a favourite and if I wasn’t in a room full of people I definitely would have licked the bowl clean!

The menu has a choice of three dishes for the main with a meat, fish or a veggie dish to cater for most needs!  As lovers of all things meat, Ross and I both opted for the Roast Saddle of Welsh Lamb with an olive and aubergine accompaniment and a herd salad on top.  The lamb was a mouth watering pink and was scoffed inbetween moans of delight (not an innuendo I promise) 

I’m usually not a dessert person, but when I spied other people tucking into theirs I made sure to leave room for my last course and it proved to be another multiple dish affair.  Classic strawberries and cream sat alongside a chocolate brownie with a rich caramel topping and another delight which I didn’t wait long enough to start tucking into before hearing the name, oops!  Ross had also organised for another small cake to be bought over for another belated birthday surprise and although I was already pretty full, I managed to make a good dent in it like any serious foodie would!  The chocolate moussee complete with golden flakes and a candle was another taste sensation and I would definitely recommend cheekily telling a white lie to receive one!  Who doesn’t need another birthday or two?! 

The lunch rapide menu which we chose from cost £53 including half a bottle of wine and mineral water each and was definitely value for money for some michelin standard grub.  The whole experience was amazing and I could not recommend it enough, in fact I’ve been not-so-subtly hinting to my dad that he could take me for a repeat visit if he fancies.  

If you’re taste buds are watering then check out Sketch’s website here, enjoy!

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