Treat Yourself

Sometimes a girl just has to treat herself.

After a tense morning of waiting for my final year degree result (a 2.1 in English Literature and History for all you nosey ones) a spot of retail based celebration was in order.  So I hopped onto a train headed to London and made my way down to the city’s iconic department store, Harrods, for a wander.  I was soon drawn to the shoe gallery upstairs where the red soles of some Louboutins happened to be whispering my name.

The Louboutin suite at Harrods pays homage to London’s main attractions with an etching of Big Ben in the window and a quaint reminder of the Underground in the tiles, but thats not even the best bit.  The 1st floor room is packed full of classic shoes and new season favourites all with the coveted red sole while some spectacular handbags are also thrown into the mix.  Shopping there was an exercise in self restraint.  

I soon surrounded myself with boxes full of Loubs in an array of different styles and sizes.  My aim was to pick up a classic shoe which would do for years to come and look good for my upcoming Graduation, but that didn’t stop me from giving a spiked Pigalle a go…maybe next year.  My chosen shoe was the simple but elegant FiFi 100 in black patent leather and it gave me a real Cinderella moment – cheesy I know.  Before I could experience any shoppers regret (definition: an irrational and momentary panic which ensues after spending a large amount of money on one item.  My advice is to not check your bank account for a few days…or weeks) I made my purchase and ran back to Reading with my shoes in tow.





As I type this I’m staring in awe at my shoes, still in their box, sat up high on my shelf.  I plan to give them their first outing on Graduation but I can’t help but keep getting them out of their box every now and again to check they’re okay.

Unfortunately, I think this first Louboutin purchase has started a lifelong obsession which will not only be detrimental to my poor feet but also my already ailing bank account.  Oopsie.  

What have you bought to treat yourself recently?


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