An Evening At The Races

A couple of weeks ago on a fine summers evening, three friends and I headed to Newbury Racecourse for an evening soiree at the races.

We were there to watch a little filly called Nyanza run her first ever race under my dad’s instruction.  Him and a few pals had an interest in the gorgeous little mare and since he wasn’t on the mainland at the time, I was his dutiful replacement.  

As we’re all ladies now we decided to doll ourselves up to the nines, so my new love, a Topshop skirt so ladylike that Kate Middleton has surely placed it in her online basket, made its debut with a light cami overtop and an old Zara leather jacket to keep me warm.

The skirt isn’t in stock in white anymore, however I found mine hiding on the ‘Last Chance to Buy’ rail but if you can’t find one there, don’t despair, Topshop have outdone themselves and released it in a variety of colours and patterns and I’m currently coveting this look alike.

Once we arrived we made our way to the pre-parade ring to inspect the stiff competition and introduce ourselves to Nyanza and a few of my dad’s kind friends who proved to be some extremely helpful betting advisors.  Usually I stand by the ancient technique of picking winners by either the horses name or the colour of the jockey’s silks without looking at any of the statistics.  In the past, this tried and tested technique had proved almost foolproof but with the help of Andy, Richard and a quick maths lesson, us four girls were able to finally understand odds and came home with a healthy £18 each!  Soon we’ll be raking in the millions!

After putting on a customary bet on Nyanza (a bank breaking £2), we made our way to the stands to watch her debut.  After struggling with the gates she placed a valiant and promising 9th out of 16 making us all extremely proud parents and thirsty for a tipple or two to celebrate.  

Cue the champagne.


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  1. lagrianghraf said:

    Love the skirt! Devo its longer in stock =(

    • jkayre said:

      Try out the similar one I linked! They’ve also got a dusty pink one which is just as gorgeous! Xxx

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