The Hook, Guernsey

Can anyone tell me what my three favourite ‘s’ words are?

No, that naughty little four lettered word isn’t included you dirty minded people.  In true snack Queen style my favourite three ‘s’ words revolve around food.  Can anyone blame me? 

For me, sushi, seafood and steak are the Holy Grail, so when I heard that there was a new restaurant opening in Guernsey which served all three of these culinary delights, I subtly suggested to my father that we should try it out.  And by subtle, I mean I booked a table and told him after.

The Hook is presented over two floors with the ground floor being a sushi bar and the 1st floor being the main restaurant which serves steak and seafood.  We were booked into the 1st floor restaurant which is decorated with gunmetal grey walls and a window which over looks one of Guernsey’s town harbours.

I’m notoriously bad at making decisions, especially when it comes to food as I despise the dreaded food envy and with so many s-related delicacies being available to me at The Hook I stalled when it came to ordering.  Eventually I was coaxed away from my staple Scallops and persuaded to try the Seafood Ceviche for starters and I opted for the 8oz Angus Beef Fillet with Bone Marrow Jus for my main.  While we waited for our food to arrive we were presented with some garlic bread bits, olives with feta and my favourite little snack, chorizo.  

The Ceviche consisted of Scallops, Sea Bass and Mackerel and was the perfect starter for a hot summer’s day as it was light and served in a gorgeous chilli flecked sauce, but if you’re afraid of raw fish then this beauty probably isn’t for you.  The steak was  cooked as I like and presented with a tomato and mushroom with some french fries on the side.  The Bone Marrow Jus was absolutely gorgeous and made the steak a cut above the rest.  The only thing which I’d change about the menu would be the addition of a Surf & Turf option which my whole family agreed upon as we do love our seafood.  

My mum and I had been intrigued by the side of Punjabi Cauliflower on the menu so ordered it in the name of culinary experimentation.  The cauliflower came deep fried (perhaps defeating the object of vegetables) with a gorgeous curry paste accompaniment and although I probably won’t count these as 1 of my 5 a day I’d order them again (and again and again). 

I will 100% be returning to The Hook restaurant and am eagerly anticipating a trip to the sushi bar downstairs as well.  I’m sure I’ll become a regular.  

If you’re interested in visiting The Hook then check out their Facebook page here.

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    • jkayre said:

      It was really nice and fresh! Thanks for reading 🙂 x

  1. Paula said:

    I´m getting hungry…great dishes

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