WIWT: Jelly Shoes

Co-ord – Topshop / Jelly Shoes – eBay / Frilly Socks – Topshop / Necklace – Estella Bartlett

It’s not everyday that you find yourself wearing a staple of your childhood wardrobe.  No, I’m not talking about my old favourite Tammy Girl tshirt but a pair of glittery jelly shoes.  

After weeks of contemplating via Twitter whether I should purchase some of these childhood relics my mum (of all people) convinced me that I really did need them and so I bit the bullet and hit the magic button on eBay.  At first I worried that these new shoes could be a sign of a post-Graduation crisis point whereby I was trying to recapture the essence of my youth through  nostalgia inducing purchases, but, even if they are I still bloody love them.

My old pair of jellies, which I probably wore circa 1997 were glittery, pink and had a Disney Princess emblem on them and although I searched high and low for a replica pair, it’s probably best that I didn’t manage to find any.  My new pair have a block  heel, which I like to imagine signals that I’m now an adult…just an adult wearing jelly shoes…

Although the temptation to don some dungaree’s and wear a scrunchie in my hair was great, I managed to pull myself away from the faded denim and throw on this Topshop co-ord which I picked up in the sale.  I can’t find this particular co-ord online anymore but if you’re as enamoured as I am then keep your beady eye on eBay for some bargains or check out Topshop’s other incredible two pieces.  I also wore a sweet little Bumblebee necklace which I found in a local shop in Guernsey.  It’s by Estella Bartlett and can be found on John Lewis online and myflashtrash.com for only £15, no need to break the piggy bank just yet.  

Are you a fan of jelly shoes?  How do you wear yours?

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  1. Laura said:

    Absolutely adore your outfit! Really really like your crop top, I’ve been looking for a crop like this myself. I am just so picky about it haha, but these look right up my street! xx

    • jkayre said:

      Thank you! I do love it and it in the Topshop sale til a couple of days ago! I’m sure similar will be around soon! Xxx

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