Shake Shack, London

There is a new buzz food in the culinary world.  It’s advent may have been completely unexpected but has been openly welcomed by all tiers of the foodie society.  The humble burger has been propelled into the spotlight of late with restaurants serving the newly regarded delicacy popping up in all corners of London.

Covent Garden now plays host to two American imports, Five Guys and Shake Shack, both of which profess to providing punters with the best burger they will ever consume.  While in the big smoke interning for LOOK magazine (an experience which I’m sure I’ll write about at some point) I met with two friends from my Raleigh International days, Emily and Rachel, the latter of which had played the most gracious host to me all week (massive thankyou!) and we headed to Shake Shack to test the meaty waters.

Shake Shack works in a sort of nouveau canteen fashion where you order your food at a counter and are presented with a buzzer which after about 5-10 minutes announces that you may now collect your goodies.  There was a slight line outside when we arrived to Covent Garden however, the nature of the restaurant meant that we had ordered and were presented with our food within a quick 20 minutes, all of which we spent nattering.  If you’re thinking about a visit then their busiest hours are between 7.30pm and 9pm which could mean a lengthy wait and/or limited seating so plan ahead!

After sweating half my body weight on the tube from work – a claim I assure you is no exaggeration – I approached Shake Shack’s menu with a no holds barred attitude which resulted in maximum calorie consumption.  For my food feast, I opted for a single SmokeShack Burger, Cheese Fries and a Sticky Toffee Concrete.

All the burgers at Shake Shack are cooked to a perfectly pink medium which leaves the patty soft and juicy while their special recipe ShackSauce is a tangy but mild addition.  My SmokeShack came with bacon which, if I’m going to be picky, there could have been more of while the chopped cherry pepper provided some added spice to the already tasty burger.  The Cheese Fries did what they said on the tin and satisfied my gluttony with lashings of American style melted cheese while the Sticky Toffee Concrete proved to be my favourite part of the meal.  With vanilla yoghurt, chocolate chunks, caramel and a salted caramel sauce all mixed in together, what’s not to love?  I think I may have started a new lifelong affair.  

ShakeShack definitely quenched my calorie driven thirst but I felt it was a little bit expensive for what essentially is a burger and some chips, however, if you’re in Covent Garden and looking for somewhere different, quirky, kooky and a whole lot of tasty then ditch the McDonald’s and give ShakeShack a look in.

Sticky Toffee Concrete for one please? 

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  1. Emma said:

    Oh my GOD. Going there is now on my to-do list!! Looks so good!

    • jkayre said:

      It was so good! Definitely make an effort to go! X

    • jkayre said:

      I did have a sip of my friends one! But I’ll make sure to give one a go when I get the chance! X

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