Being a Tourist: Paris, Day Three

On the third day of our Parisian adventure my mum and I headed to the Musee de Louvre to put on our best art critique impression.  

Our first port of call in the vast museum was to see da Vinci’s world famous Mona Lisa.  Now, I haven’t been to an art museum for a while so perhaps protocol has changed, but I don’t think I’ve ever encountered such a scene as I did at the Louvre.  As Mona Lisa sat giving her wry smile behind a plate of protective glass there was what I can only describe as a paparazzi scrum taking place beside her.  Never before  have I seen people so fanatical about a painting.  I felt like I was surrounded by paps catching Lohan’s first post-rehab drink.  People were crowding around, welding cameras, most bizarrely taking selflies, all whilst attempting to get closer to da Vinci’s masterpiece.  The painting really is the A-list star of the museum, but she is a bit small isn’t she…?  


The tiny teeny main event.  

(No, I’m not talking about the naked statute below, you dirty minded readers.)


Should I have included a nudity warning?









Playing the role of the tourist perfectly 

Dress – Topshop / Necklace – Topshop / Sunglasses – Ray Ban 

After making my way to the front of the scrum, we predictably, got lost around the museum and ended up wandering past fine Egyptian jewellery, Roman mosaics and unexpectedly, the famous Venus de Milo.  Once we regained our bearings (after asking a few attendants…shhh) we headed to the French Sculpture Rooms.  Far away from the Mona Lisa fanatics, this room is quiet and calming in comparison with great marble sculptures of mounted horsemen towering above you.

Our next stop of the day was Notre Dame Cathedral which sits on the Ile de la Cite island in the River Seine.  We made our way to the cathedral by walking by the river and peeking into the stalls which sell vintage Vogues, leather bound editions of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables and an endless supply of magazine cover prints which I seem to be collecting almost absentmindedly.  Although we could have easily taken the handy Metro, the best way to see Paris or any city is by walking.  Use those legs, people! Although you may need an emergency pedicure post-city break you will gain a greater understanding of the city and it’s people by walking – map in hand – than you would if you spent most of your time underground listening to the accordion players who seem to follow you around.





As we made our way through the impressive French Gothic church, I had to hide my disappointment of not spotting Quasimodo from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame hanging from the bell tower, but I was soon captivated by the buildings interior.  Impossibly high ceilings, intricate stained glass windows and a haunting beauty that is only reserved for churches kept me wandering around the cathedral multiple times.

After lighting a candle for my grandma, we decided to give our feet a rest and head back to the hotel where I soon found my mum fast asleep, glasses hanging off her face, still clutching her book.  Awww. 

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  1. Tessa said:

    Haha lots of naked men, The Louvre always seems to amaze me!

    • jkayre said:

      So many naked men! I could have done with a few more hours to look through it all! It’s absolutely massive! Xxx

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