One Direction’s This is Us World Premiere

For the last three years, I’ve been in denial about being a fan of One Direction.  Although I have downloaded both their albums, watch out for stories of the boys on Daily Mail and regularly find myself playing their music on a loop while enthusiastically singing along, I have always tried to deny to myself that I am infact a fan.  But this well kept charade (I’m sure my old housemates will dispute that it was well kept) soon came a-tumbling when I was asked by the girls at LOOK magazine to cover the One Direction premiere.  My immediate reaction was to shout YES! and to text my mum, friends, acquaintances, boyfriend, extended family and anyone else with a phone that I’ve met in the last 20 years of my life.  In that moment of pure unadulterated excitement I had to admit to myself that yes, I am a Directioner.  

I spent the rest of that day reading up about the boys foray into the silver screen and in the evening, I attended a preview  of the film with other press and Alex Zane who turned out to be hosting the premiere extravaganza the next day.  This is the kind of film where, if you aren’t a fan of the band then you just won’t go to see, but those who are even half interested in the lives of the members of one of the biggest boy bands ever should probably go have a watch!  It’s definitely guilty pleasure watching.

The next day, I headed into work and checked the Daily Mail which estimated that 70,000 pre-pubescent girls would be roaming the streets of Leicester Square all eager to get a glimpse of their favourite band member.  Only a couple of days before returning to LOOK, I had watched the Channel 4 documentary which followed some of the bands most obsessive fans, so with the knowledge of lengths to which fans would go to get a photo with the boys, I was fully prepared to be going into a One Direction inspired battlefield full of girls armed with sharpies and raging hormones.

When I did eventually get to the venue, press pass and premiere ticket in hand, the screams were pretty loud but I didn’t get accosted by any over enthusiastic Niall fans.  Success!  As I looked around at the eager girls (some of which were already crying) I spotted Australian, Brazilian and a number of international flags flying around which proved that 1D really do have some of the most passionate (and apparently loaded – what kind of 15 year old has the dosh to be able to fly half way across the world for a premiere?!) fans in the world.  The most bizarre moment of the whole event for me was spotting the adult woman walking down the red carpet in a wedding dress, complete with veil.  A brave and bold tactic which, I can only hope did not work with any of the band.  When the boys finally arrived after an endless amount of teasers, the screams were off decibel scale and although I managed to keep my composure outwardly, I have to admit I did start to get a bit giddy when I spotted those floppy haired crooners making their way towards me.

The rest is a bit of a blur of famous faces; Simon Cowell – who is tiny by the way – Ronnie Wood, McFly, Little Mix, Diana Vickers, Conor Maynards and more all passed by.  Some serious name dropping there.  Although the boys seemed to stick to more TV interviews, I did manage to get a quick interview with Harry Styles which was definitely the highlight of well…ever?  The eligible bachelor is quite charismatic in real life and keeps some serious eye contact when talking.  You can check out what he said to me here.  

After watching the premiere and being fully immersed in Directioner mania, the ride home on the Tube was a major anti-climax and I did consider standing up and announcing to the whole carriage that, ‘I, Josie Ayre, had just interviewed Harry Styles’ but thankfully I managed to refrain and stick to reading the Metro instead.

My first premiere experience definitely threw me in at the deep end but I absolutely loved it and I’m extremely grateful that the ladies at LOOK trusted me to go!

If you’re a fan of the boys, then definitely make sure to watch the film which is out on the 29th!

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  1. Wow! How did you get in touch with LOOK to do this?? 😀

    • jkayre said:


      I think I just looked on their contact us bit of the website and found an email! x

      • ooh cool thanks! I’l give it a go 🙂

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