Deyrolle, Paris


On some occasions, when wondering around an unknown city or travelling a far away continent, you come across something which renders you almost speechless.

On our taxi ride into Paris, our driver had mentioned a shop opposite our hotel which ‘resembled a zoo’.  Unsure of what he meant we dismissed it as a lost in translation moment and my mum and I thought nothing more of it.  That was until we walked past a shop window with a taxidermy flamingo proudly sat as a display.  After staring in disbelief we resolved to return to the shop when it opened on Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning, we left the hotel and returned to Deyrolle.  I was sorely disappointed when I only spotted gardening tools, a few gilets and some pictures for sale on the ground floor.  Anti-climax.  But after I saw someone head upstairs, I eagerly followed and discovered, as the taxi driver had said, what can only be described as a zoo.  






Although taxidermy isn’t my sort of thing I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the contents of each room. Stuffed chickens, giraffes, elephants and polar bears surrounded us while we made our way through the maze of rooms.   De-constructed lobsters, snakes and skeletons of mice were propped on shelves, while one room was house to a library’s worth of books on the subject of animal anatomy.  From the ceiling, stuffed pigeons and doves hung mid-flight and twisted in the slight breeze.














Whether you’re an amateur taxidermist or just an inquisitive passer-by, make you way to Deyrolle to experience some of the weird and wonderful of Paris.

You can even take home a stuffed chicken if you’re that way inclined.

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  1. Emma said:

    Wow, that looks amazing!! I love the massive stag heads, and skulls! If I ever visit Paris again this will be a place I’d definitely visit.

    • jkayre said:

      Was pretty amazing! My mum and I seriously considered buying a chicken xxx

  2. Dee said:

    Address please! This looks amazing and Im going to Paris at the end of september! 😀

    • jkayre said:

      46 Rue du Bac 🙂 there’s a Rue du Bac metro which will take you literally a minute’s walk away! xxx

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