Being a Tourist: Cala Deia, Mallorca

After staying at home for a few days, it was time to head off again on another holiday.  Yes, life is hard.  

This time I was heading to the Balareic island of Mallorca with my family to catch a few rays before I moved to chilly Newcastle to begin my Masters.  The original plan was to have an old school family holiday with all 5 of us there, however, my eldest brother received an offer to go work in New York which he couldn’t pass up so he’s currently enjoying the high life in the Big Apple!  Lucky sod!  But my other brother, Tom came along to keep us all entertained.

After spending a few days relaxing in the sun and topping up my tan, we rented a car and headed through the mountains towards Cala Deia.  The road towards Deia is windy and a little bit of a scary drive however the destination is definitely worth a few hair raising moments!  Once we parked the car and checked all our limbs were intact, we headed towards the beach and our lunch time spot, Ca’s Patro March.

Ca’s Patro March reminds me of one of those little known restaurants that are always hailed in foodie mags as a hidden gem or local secret Ca’s Patro March is a place that you need to scope out as the restaurant is only accessible by foot on a dusty track which gives the experience even more charm.  The restaurants existence is often heard of through word of mouth, something I know as I watched my dad pass on the information to several people like he was handing over an important family secret.  However, Ca’s Patro March has actually been voted the fourth best coastal restaurant in Spain, a mean feat for a wooden shack.  


Marching his way towards a food coma



For all intents and purposes, it appears that the restaurant is just a mere shack on a cliff but Ca’s Patro March serves some of the freshest seafood you’ll ever taste.  It boasts a menu which features daily specials with just about every fish you’ve ever heard of so there is plenty to chose from provided that you eat our fishy friends.  

For our starter we decided to share a sizeable portion of Galician style Octopus and a seafood salad which came with just about everything from under the sea.  My dad and I ordered a seafood and fish platter between us which – brace yourself – had King Prawns, Squid, Grouper Fish, Red Mullet, a local sort of Seabass (the waiter’s words, not mine), Monkfish and Swordfish all grilled in a bit of oil and served with a wedge of lemon.  Although it was all beautiful I’m ashamed to say we couldn’t finish it!  

The food isn’t exactly decadent but it’s the freshness and simple flavours which made our meal at Ca’s Patro March one of my most memorable fishy forays of all time.


Not a bad view





The beach was absolutely beautiful but is a local hotspot so can get a tad crowded at times which did ruin the magic a little, especially when a – very hairy – man decided to fully undress in front of my mum but it’s still worth a visit for a swim in the crystal clear warm seas with a belly full of seafood.





Have you ever been to Ca’s Patro March?  Where is your favourite place to eat in Mallorca?

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  1. Carrie Flook said:

    Lovely photos! Dave and I were in hilltop Deia and Valdemossa one day last week. We too braved the mountain road via the Lluc monastery from Puerto Pollenca. Went back the quick way on the motorway! Spectacular views.

    • jkayre said:

      Yes Sarah said you were out in Mallorca at the same time! We ended up taking the more direct way back as we’d already risked our lives the once! 🙂 xxx

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