Love Lock Bridge

Image 1

Piglet – ‘How do you spell love?’

Pooh – ‘You don’t spell it, you feel it.’

Love is a funny thing.

After searching the internet for a dictionary definition which would encompass how I look at love, I found that for the first time, the internet did not have the answer.  What is the world coming to, I ask.  But after a few moments of panicked hysteria, I concluded that perhaps love is ineffable as there are a million and one different types of love, which a mere two line dictionary definition could not even come close to fully encompassing.  For instance, I do not love my dogs the same way I love my boyfriend, because that is extremely wrong and I’d probably get arrested and I do not love any pair of shoes in the same fashion that I love my parents because anything that gives me blisters can’t compete with my parents.  

When walking along the River Seine towards Notre Dame my mum and I stumbled upon a great and inspiring display of love.  The love lock bridges in Paris are a PDA area of sorts.  It’s not that kind of PDA which sees teenagers groping each other on public buses (I’m sure some of us are guilty of this) but a gentle sort of PDA which is open to all types of love.

Locks with names on cover the railings of this unassuming bridge, while the keys to these locks lie in the bottom of the Seine river far away from the prying hands of heartbreak.  But a Public Declaration of Love (PDL) on this bridge isn’t just restricted to those who don’t sleep alone at night.  Looking at the bridge full of locks I couldn’t help but wonder whether some people had chosen to declare their love for the mum, dad, cat, dog, grandma, celebrity crush or even their teddy bear – yes, I did consider putting Golden Chumley on my lock.  

Love is experienced in an innumerable amount of ways and seeing evidence of a tiny percentage of the people who have experienced love was a beautiful thing to see.  It left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  

Image 2

Have you left a lock on the bridge?  What sort of PDL have you done?

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