Five Guys, London

When planning my trip to London, I knew there was only one place I wanted to eat.  After trying Shake Shack in London’s Covent Garden last time I was in the capital, the next logical step in my culinary trip around London was Five Guys to determine which American import has the best burger.  

I had taken on, what I like to call: The Battle of the Burgers (cue dramatic music).

Five Guys was originally set up in Washington D.C. in 1986 but has since expanded all over the US with over 1000 franchises feeding hungry punters nationwide.  It’s delicious fayre has meant that it has achieved an almost cult like following and is regularly hailed as one of the best burger joints in the United States of America.  Similarly, the London franchise has quickly become known as a hot ticket and regularly has lines stretching around the block!

Although Rachel, my ever gracious host and I had had a rather heavy the night before, we made the trek down to Leicester Square in search of a meaty hangover cure.  Thankfully, the line outside was rather short when we arrived – possibly as it was raining and we had only managed to lure ourselves out of bed at 3pm – so within a quick 10 minutes of chewing on the free peanuts that are stacked by the door we were ordering our burgers.




The menu at Five Guys is nice and simple, just how I like it.  Burgers come with either 1 or 2 patties and with the usual suspects, bacon or cheese.  Once you’ve decided on the basics, you then have a whole board of extras to choose from, including jalapenos, tomato, lettuce, pickles and loads more for free!  The endless list of extras mean that there are over 250,000 ways to have your burger so every trip to Five Guys can be a new experience!  I plumped for pickles, onion, tomato, mustard and ketchup and a small side of the chain’s famous cajun fries which are fried in peanut butter, a healthier alternative.



A smashing endorsement by one of my favourite bloggers, The Londoner

Burger in hand, Rachel and I went to the drinks machine to fill up our glasses.  Little did we know that this would be an experience in itself!  The drinks machine has every imaginable fizzy drink and more just waiting to be drank by thirsty punters.  I’ll leave it there, so you guys can experience the mastery of this magical machine yourselves!

Now on to the burger.  It was honestly so good that I let out a little sigh of delight.  The meat is mouthwateringly juicy while the bun is super soft.  The cajun chips were almost as good as the burger and are a crispy delight.  Little tip: order a small side of fries!  The cup may look tiny but the cooks also scoop a healthy portion into your bag so you get almost triple what you ordered!



They probably wouldn’t win any prizes for the best looking burger, but damn are they good! 


After deliberating for…oh a second, Rachel and I both concluded that the burgers and chips at Five Guys were the clear winners and triumphed over Shake Shack’s efforts!

The battle of the burgers was a hard but necessary challenge, someone had to do it!

Have you eaten at Five Guys?  What is your favourite burger joint?

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  1. Haven’t been to a Five Guys in ages, especially since moving to the UK… glad you enjoyed it. I’ll definitely have to stop in sometime and order the fries, so good!

    • jkayre said:

      They were amazing! Hope you’re enjoying living in the UK!! Xxx

  2. Emma said:

    Oh my God! Another one of your food posts that makes me want to stuff my face. I reckon I’ll have to hire you as a trip adviser xx

    • jkayre said:

      Haha would love that! I’ve just had a salad for lunch and then looked at these pictures again, going have to go in search of a burger nowww xxx

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