New Year, New Balance



I’m swapping out the old cliche of the ‘new year, new me’ for a more contemporary catchphrase.

‘New year, New Balance’ is about to become my personal style mantra for 2014.  After seeing Cam from Camille Over the Rainbow and Shini from Park and Cube championing a pair of the trainers, I had some serious shoe envy.  For me, shoe envy is usually reserved for studded Loubs, Alexander Wang booties or those Balenciaga buckle ankle boots but on this occasion, I found myself seriously lusting after a pair of comfy and practical trainers.  

After spending more than the normal amount of time doing some indepth research, I opted for a pair of 574’s in black and grey suede and leather from ASOS and these babies have not left my feet since they arrived.  Even my mum is considering in investing in a pair.

My only problem with them?  The shoelaces.  It is perhaps time to let you all know that I have an irrational fear/phobia of shoelaces.  Yes, you read that correctly, shoelaces.  Just let that sink in.  So as you can imagine, lacing my new trainers  – I’m cringing as I type this – takes some serious will power.

Having bypassed the Nike Air Max fad, I think I’ll be seriously investing some time and money into the New Balance phenomenon and will soon be adding to my debut pair with some 420’s and 410’s in the name of some shoelace based therapy.  

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