Ladies who Dine: Inamo, London

After having a rather nice long break at home, it was almost time to head back to Newcastle but not before I made a quick detour to London for a girls weekend.  

Our first stop was Inamo on Lower Regent Street for a spot of dinner and, as it turns out, a bit of a play.  

Inamo is an Oriental Fusion restaurant with a bit of a twist.  Nestled inbetween the bamboo canes and sliding doors, are glowing interactive tables.


I am attempting to give up Coke right now, I’m taking it one day at a time…


These snazzy looking tables double up as waitresses/waiters and menus, allowing patrons to order everything with just a swipe of a finger.  The novelty doesn’t stop just there, as you can also watch a chef prepare your dishes on Chef Cam and play a quick pre-dinner game of Battleships, as you do.  


Champagne cocktails all round 

Inamo’s menu is small but perfectly formed for those with a predisposition to sushi, sashimi and all things dim sum and  is perfect for sharing if you want to try a bit of everything!

After finishing off a game of Battleships, I ordered the Salmon Sashimi Plate, the Tuna Maki and some Duck Pancakes to share with Fiona.


Salmon Sashimi Plate and Tuna Maki


Tuna Maki


Duck Pancakes

The Tuna Maki was my favourite, while the Duck was silky smooth and came straight off the bone but next time I visit, I will definitely be ordering a few more plates, including some dim sum to fill me up.

After we’d licked our plates clean, there was no unneccessary awkwardness about paying the bills  as each seat has a separate bill meaning everyone paid for what they ordered and no one was left scraping the pennies.  Perfect!  

Inamo is great, but it’s probably one of those places you visit once then never return as we all had to admit, it is a bit gimmicky and perhaps a little overpriced.  Nonetheless, I really enjoyed my time there and had a great laugh with the ladies!


The Ladies 

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  1. jessamybaudains said:

    Great blog post Josie 🙂 gonna have to try this place x

    • jkayre said:

      Thanks Jessamy! It’s so good, definitely give it a try! Xx

  2. Great post! I’m actually looking for a new venue for a girl’s dinner right now so will have to check this place out! X

    • jkayre said:

      Yeah give it a go! It’s something a little bit different, I’d check the menu before you go to make sure there is something for everyone before going! Xx

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